Book Review: Story of Tublu - Jahid Akhtar

Story of Tublu: An Amazing Journey Called Life by Jahid Akhtar delves into the complex nature of the friendship between a boy and a girl, following step by step their individual growth, how they influence each other, the good and the bad feelings that nourish decades of a truly robust relationship.

Confounded by floods, Bipin and his small boy Tublu go to a distant land. Here they get together with the Sharma's which results in the start of a protracted as well as a lasting association between Bipin and the Sharma's and the budding camaraderie of their kids Tublu and Maina. As years go by, Tublu's simple and unspoken crush on Maina develops into subterranean affection and desire which bears the latent to triumph over all of the life's challenges.

The author then recounts the effects of changes affecting their lives, transforming their friendship and their bond with the story goes to student life, love and adventures, during which the deep friendship between the two is strengthened increasingly accumulating experiences of experiences.

The novel tells the story of the deep friendship that has existed between them from the earliest age, practically teenagers, and that has kept them together and allowed them to trust each other to adulthood.

The two live together adventures of all kinds, risky or entertaining. The bond between them begins to grow stronger with the passage of time during the endless moments spent together, stopping at fantastic places or picturesque locations. At one point their life takes a turn for the worse, and then they realize they need each other to find the balance.

This is the kind of book that does not end. Or, better to say, the author brings fully completed in this novel, the narrative of childhood adolescence and maturity of Tublu and Maina, but leaves us on the threshold of major new changes that are going to disrupt their lives and their intense relationship with a bond so deep that, to live, these two people need each other.

And all of this falls on the page with the trend of big popular narratives, dense and with fast, deep and light, spilling constantly situations, revealing secrets of the characters, adding event to event without respite, but with the depth and power of voice.

A novel of good, basic writing, without smearing or frills this book reflects the joys and sufferings of an entire generation smothered by an avalanche of images, sounds and information to the point of becoming spectators of their own lives because they lost the perception of the value of the things they have.

An essential book to read, and one of a kind the plot of the book is as short and concise as compelling and fascinating. This novel is the most intense and significant ever written, not because of the language or the plot, but because it has fundamental and essential issues.

Among these, the main one is undoubtedly the friendship. A friendship is not common and unstable, but a deep and indissoluble bond, which has linked two people since adolescence and allowed them to stay together until adulthood.

The book works because people today are too superficial and have definitely forgotten the existence of certain values, a fundamental time, such as friendship. The environments of the novel are also special and evocative and more than anything else is fascinating. You will love the way in which the author expressed his feelings towards totally different environments, describing them in order to capture the reader's attention.

This book is interesting and requires only a few pages to excite and impress deeply anyone who reads it.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 204 ♥ Publisher: LiFi Publications ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9382536758