Book Review: Shatru Kronikles: Vadhan

Shatru Kronikles, Book-1 by Vadhan is a work of fantasy and is a continuous interweaving of phenomena apparently conflicting and fragmented but only apparently with the characters are very well characterized and it is easy to become attached to them with profound themes and intertwined feelings contribute to enrich the novel with the views of the writer, that make a reading undoubtedly original.

Shatru was half Asura but that was not the raison d'ĂȘtre behind why he was the most excellent huntsman for the most potent peace keeping force in all fourteen worlds as if he did not act their behest, they would slay the one being he prized as that was just the way it was.

The Devas and Asuras, the most authoritative of the primeval tribes shadow guarded the economic, political as well as intellectual life of the entire human race just for one reason, that is ascendancy over each other through control of the world and as soon as the fragile streak among adversity and antagonism was conked out, they were set on a confrontation line.

Shatru was the only one standing amidst them and to impede the primals from tearing down each other, and he had to set off after a primordial sentry of pandemonium geared up to do what it takes just to annihilate as it was not only his treasured ones in peril if he could not stop the fighting clans.

The author writes this story with a clear idea in mind to create a fantastic universe, which enshrines the mysterious features of an ancient land and magnificent traits that could, however, express themselves freely, beyond the constraints of historiography and it’s still undeniable that the twists and lives narrated divide the stage with the imaginative journey undertaken developing into the player fancies almost impossibly feasible.

The book is certainly one of the most fascinating, if not absolutely the most fascinating, among those who have handed down classical antiquity. No one had ever suspected the profile of a historical reality behind the traditional image of the mythological characters. A more careful reading, which eschews this book, is pure fantasy, as indeed at first glance it would present to the dear reader repeatedly drawn by the attention of the author, a legitimate and indeed a stimulating introspective analysis.

The reader is thus led to penetrate in a precise and mysterious cultural horizon that returns intact all the thrill of the authors’ discoveries. The extraordinary thing about these characters, that blend fantasy, mythology and history, is that in an imaginative and a bit crazy mind may seem real as it is so well described and complete that you cannot but appreciate.

The construction of the plot, with the accumulation of various clues and items that lead gradually to the discovery of what is really happening will haunt you and leave you in suspense throughout the book with the mystery is dense and intricate and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place in a methodical way.

Every word of the book is carefully thought out to create an incredible domino effect as from the beginning the novel has elements of mythology, but these are often told in a particular way with the author has in fact been able to perfectly combine these elements to his imagination, creating a mysterious and fascinating world.

This book is a fascinating journey through the acquisitions of mythology, art and literature, philology and linguistics, which leads to insert the historical characters in a clever and original portrait of primeval life adding to the lucid and rigorous capacity to survey an exceptional faculty of reconstruction and representation of the historical picture.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 262 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: December 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384027506