Book Review: Project S.A.I.: Srinivasa Gopal

Project S.A.I. by Srinivasa Gopal is indeed a novel in the novel and is a striking example of a thriller that can give us a lot more than just thrill that investigate and lay bare human weaknesses, and allow us to probe the minds of the protagonists and to face a journey through the darkness that caresses us in difficult times.

The book is the story of two young men overcoming their own individual anguish, to assist others find out the reality at the back of the predicament plaguing them where Sarangan and Lakshman are two brothers, who come from the same pilgrim settlement in rural Tamil Nadu but who live totally chalk and cheese lives.

While Sarangan and his kin are at ease to stay put in their birthplace, Lakshman raises his sons in the lively urban conurbation of Chennai but disaster strikes when the two families come in concert for their yearly pilgrimage when it's a chase between Lakshman's son, Ananth, and the police force, to establish whether or not their deaths were in fact caused by an accident.

The author balances cleverly surprise and suspense, and when you think you understand what is happening, but as you turn over the page it would surprise you. Despite the thriller has a lot in common with other genre books, the author can give to his reading that is something more amazing with the thriller is well written and the characters are very attractive, both in terms of psychology and that of their background.

With formidable internal dialogues of the protagonists, the pain and the flow of thought of those who are suspected, without aid, are perfect so as to give the shivers and even the constant reference to the thin line between good and evil is very sobering.

The final then surprising and chilling with a succession of twists never banal that go on for dozens of pages and that means that, in the novel, was able to spread very well a series of hidden clues just waiting for the final resurfacing with a mixture of thriller and noir.

The book is a thriller of good quality, which stimulates the imagination and gives a few hours of pleasant reading for those who love to read books all in one breath and for those looking for a nice book full of twists to slather slowly during the summer who love the books challenging, but not too much and understand each other as only a book can do.

The novel is very interesting and very professionally written with the writing is meticulous and never boring, and wind from the present to the past with a helpful smoothness while the characters are well defined and all really credible where each one has its own personality and each has its own story well explained.

The main character is nothing short of amazing, unstoppable and at the same time living the problems of everyday life, with ups and downs and everything else in a strong novel, full of emotion, full of feelings and passions not only of love but also of hatred, of friendship, of madness, of pain. Its a novel about the fragility of men, on their weak characters, unable to be guided by reason preferring surrender to the call of the soul and the heart, willing to do anything to defend themselves.

The book is able to make us move, to excite, to make us hate, and let us adore its characters and in the end, really leaves a sense of emptiness and longing. The style is simple and highly be based on dialogues cut tight and makes it very smooth and fluent reading the flow of the narrative. Its a book with multiple twists really several and ensure suspense always top notch and pasting, indeed in the succession of pages, triggering an increasing desire to continue to add a piece to the big puzzle that characterizes the plot.

The style is simple, free from unnecessary processing of texts with the story is compelling and is written with clarity and skill with the psychological analysis of the characters deliver a truly original story.

The tight sequence of events of the novel will allow the reader to reflect on this question and to take note that the struggle between good and evil is nothing definitive. Although these are two diametrically opposed elements, it turns out perfectly able to interact and mingle to make difficult to distinguish them.

A book in the book, a story that closes in on itself like an endless spiral with the plot is compelling even though the intent is repeated to give the reader the idea that he finally understood the end, the web appears not at all forced.

Roughly half a second after finishing your book, after reading the last word, the reader should feel pervaded by a powerful emotion for a moment, only has to think of all the things he has just read, relate to the cover and smile with a hint of sadness, because he feels that those people will miss him.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 86 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: November 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384226961