Book Review: The Plot To Kill God: Edward F. Mrkvicka

The Plot to Kill God by Edward Mrkvicka with Kelly H. Mrkvicka takes us back to our spiritual essence, the divine nature that dwells in man, inviting us to live the higher emotions that make life so precious with a clever tale of alchemy, suggesting words that serve the soul for awakening, and indicates the way to go to cross the barren desert of contemporary times and learn to recognize the genuine oasis of spirituality within it, to arrive at the transformation of one's being and live the new era that awaits us.

The book intends to resurrect the soul in all aspects of life, restore the primacy of love, joy and lightness and create developmental experiences mature and aware through a fascinating program of observations and imaginative narratives where today, more than ever, the man needs to awaken the soul, that is, to know each other thoroughly, to release the energy it possesses, but which often remains unspoken, stifled by an impersonal and mechanical lifestyle.

The reader, however, will not find the usual meditations more or less suggestive, but realize in terms of the higher emotions to get reborn every day, freed from the burdens of the past, awakened to life, victorious over the forces of ego, capable of generating love, joy, positivity, wellness, compassion, and to take responsibility of their own existence, and warn the recall soul which invites the renewal and lightness.

To discover our inner greatness we have to overcome the constraints, to come to terms with our shadows and give space to our higher nature where in the world all at once there is little time to cultivate human relations, to find out the other with patience and availability but the human being in need of friendship, love, solidarity.

We must learn to transmute our negative emotions, and must act as the alchemists of ourselves, taking the lead out of the pure gold of the full realization with this book, which brings together, experience, is born to help us make a path so difficult and essential, to inspire, motivate, support us until the full achievement of our goals.

When you hear the word spiritual war it immediately come to mind those fierce battles against the devil and it is true that they try to inflict diseases, depression and conflicts in our lives, but God certainly does not want us to fight long and gruelling battles against the devil.

The book tells us to stand up and stand firm on the victory of Christ. Jesus has already defeated all the demons and he placed in a place of victory. He helps us to stand firm, gave us all his seven pieces of armour so stop trying to defeat an enemy defeated. Just wear the armour and walk in victory!

The author is a true pioneer in this field and now has provided the body of Christ with an incredible amount of knowledge and revelation in this area and  covers everything from how demons are entitled to have some people, how to find and break their legal rights so that they can then successfully throw.

This book will go down as a classic on the subject if it is not already.  This author goes into detail very good earthly ministry that Jesus walked and how he specifically instructed his body to drive out demons as he himself has done with this volume will give you all the reasons and biblical authority that we have as believers to actually engage with demons when we have to.

The book goes into the actual specifications about how to actually cast the demons from people and covers all the legal rights and fundamental principal demons will use to come on people and how to break those legal rights so that you can really move people from their sockets death.

This book is 117 pages long and covers many areas of the occult that enters in detail very well in areas of spiritual warfare and the book ends with how to effectively execute a release and is a great book that gives you a good step-by-step process to deliver people from demons.

This author is very thorough and very complete in his explanations on how to make a real liberation and covers many of the legal rights that demons will use to attach themselves to people and gives very specific instructions on how to actually break their legal rights, so that you can really set people free from the power and influence.

This is the real live information and knowledge direct from the battlefield real itself with many churches have been totally ruined and destroyed as a result of this mortal spirit working through some members of their churches.

The book also goes on the power that is in the name of Jesus and the power that is in the word of God himself. This is also a book of spiritual warfare and a very good base to add to your arsenal, if you really want to learn how to become a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 132 ♥ Publisher: Outskirts Press ♥ Published: January 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1478745723