Book Review: Noise - Brett Garcia Rose

Noise by Brett Garcia Rose tells of a little girl mysteriously disappeared, and sucked into the vortex of a city whose bright lights hide as many black holes, terrifying and bottomless and creates a complex plot involving the Russian crime lords, and a genius teenager struggling to crack the postcard code of Lily, with a trip to New York.

Lily is the lone being Leon ever treasured but when she left a suicide memo and vanished into a shadowy loch ten years ago, she left him alone, peripatetic in the course of a quiet land, however, a postcard in her handwriting pulls Leon to the wintry weather real heart of New York metropolis and what he discovers unleashes a lethal wrath that has no noise.

Gruesome shadows of clues lead to the atrocious Russian crime lord who traffics in human flesh and the constabulary a few crooked, a few just compromised are of little assistance other than he will not stop until he knows where is Lily.

The hero investigates and eventually discovers the antihero, bringing order to the chaos caused by the crime, and therefore has an effect of reassurance of the power of reason over evil with the author leads the reader into the real world, where it does meet with the evil that is inherent in society.

The book describes the city, freer than it was often crushed by corruption, generated by the close collusion between politics, business and organized crime, typical of societies, and simultaneously the disillusionment of citizens being able to face and defeat this enemy with a noir exciting and never boring, masterfully written as few would have done able to capture and keep the reader glued to the pages.

This is another aspect of the genre the profound disillusionment and helplessness tested by citizens and awareness of the protagonists to fight a war already lost cause with the author is good at describing a gangrenous world, corrupt police subject to the power, and organized crime and even more unstable.

The story becomes drier, and leaves behind poetic passages or trenchant to synthesize a language and a form now much clearer and smoother with the strength of the author is also perfect to describe the investigative gear and clarify each step of the investigation work, to share with the reader the hunt and its mechanisms with a style that keeps the reader glued from cover to cover without the possibility of break.

Thanks to the story, the reading of which is difficult to stop, for the happiness of the rhythm and the exact setting but also because the protagonist is an outlaw having a real innocence, friendly and pure and is a book that will leave you stunned, passionate, desperate by the fact of completing it and not have anything like this at hand, where nothing is up.

The book runs at breakneck speed, spinning with good sound dialogues where we become attached to Leon on trust, and each page does nothing but reinforces a contract from the first pages we signed a blank check. The prose continues to stand for an unusual elegance for a thriller and it is the characters who parade through page after page to be one of the highlights of the novel.

The book symbolizes the tragic fate of which they are rated the people who believe that we can live without compromise and that honesty is not just an empty word without meaning with the plot of the book is convincing and passionate.

The author wants to emphasize that a crime cannot be based only on the enigma and its final dissolution, and it must have a solid story and accomplished that the reader would read even if it missed the end. It is clear that this new way of thinking about the police is the reason why there has been an evolution in the genre, with the emergence not only of noir and thriller but also of what is called the yellow metaphysical.

The book has all the qualities to be a part of what the author reiterated, to be noir, whose main characteristic is to tell stories where reality, the criticism of reality, the complaint, are the obvious goal of the novel. The author works on two levels the writing of a novel that meets the needs and literary meetings and the taste of the readers and the collection of data on a real situation which, when mixed with fiction, becomes the plot of the novel of the same.

When we finish reading the novel, we have the feeling of having attended a performance of a glimpse of existence with the author has the rare ability to tell, through his story, short and fleeting moments of existence, without philosophy, and offer insight into the evolution of a complex society and a world whole that is very similar, a world that still keeps turning.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 236 ♥ Publisher: Velocity Imprints ♥ Published: June 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-0991549405