Book Review: The Mug of Melancholy: Rohit Chakraborty

The Mug of Melancholy by Rohit Chakraborty capable of giving tender emotions is a fairy tale that pushes the reader to never stop dreaming, which speaks of diversity, of love, of misunderstandings, and emerges a very specific purpose where love is unique and there is pure beauty in diversity, which must be loved and respected.

On his 15th birthday, Bhuvan overhears his Auntie Neera asking his father to get him skilled before he ends up killing himself to escape from a reality that seems empty and full of darkness, to dive perpetually in dreams. At some point in the ensuing spat, she hands him a mug filled of weird fluid that makes his father so blissful that he forgets all that had transpired.

In the meantime, shadowy dreams of a good-looking lady named Zoya start lingering him, who is lifeless and yet so animate, who says she can bring his dead mother back, but for that he must cuddle his pedigree that he is oblivious on until Neera hires Amaterasu, a Japanese Andrunain, who can have power over fireflies and begins to colour the sad world giving life to the dreams that give off warmth and joy and there do bloom smiles on the faces of the others.

Bhuvan then visits Umpling, a consign in analogous time and space to which he Treelevates and he befriends Andrunain teens, Orville, who can have power over ice, Samudra, who controls oceans, Jwala, who controls volcanoes, and Kalki, a Music Hypnotist and he at last finds out about his own Andrunainty, Light, by producing the Borelai Effect in the firmament, where he sees Wraiths of the Five Kings of Panchaprakritpur.

His new folks start fear him as he may be the 9th Malfaisant. From the Omenwhisky Gardens to the Garden of Eternal Bitter Winter, Bhuvan is on a pursuit against time as he seeks the Mug of Melancholy to bring his mother back, even as Zoya effectively alienates him from his old and new associates who is important to go ahead, live the reality with all its obstacles, rather than take refuge in evanescent dreams.

The speed of the narrative and the happy touch in the description can create the misunderstanding of perceiving this novel as a work for children yet tragedies unfold sharp and fast as any other element of this story there is aggression of the weakest, betrayed friendship, love lost, cruelty, torture, in addition to the amazing advances.

This combination of protagonist-antagonist gives the characters better depth and interesting, but also the Andrunain teens are an interesting element of the narrative. The plot is not linear, with a range between the start of the conflict and contemporary times in the middle the destruction of that world, full of myths, heroes, creatures and fairytale.

As always, the story is simple and adventurous, where there are plenty of dangers and betrayals, but there are also many teachings and insights, as well as funny and well-characterized characters who embodies so extreme a quality or a defect, the goodness, the courage, the wickedness, the perfidy, loyalty in one piece, without particulates facets, but thanks to this can make it clear to children what is right and what is wrong, and they can do well to distinguish white and black, but not be boring or monotonous.

In the book you will love the place, the magical and fantastic atmosphere, fun and wonderful creatures that live there that contains secrets, curiosities and stories about its people that brings a breath of adventure and friendship, where you just have to open the book and start dreaming.

Through simple language, typical of this narrative genre, the author takes us into different worlds, with different characters, but united by the same goal to defeat the fears, understand important lessons, make the appropriate choices and, as always, the importance of the good and the bad.

A fairy tale that reminds very much to our present that should push more and more people obtuse and ignorant to look beyond has the flavour of a fantasy tale, rather than purely fairytale where there is talk of, love, courage, family, struggle between good and evil with many important issues, difficult choices to make, but in line with their own way of being. After all, everyone has the right to follow their own destiny.

A tender and delicate book where you will love the descriptions of places and people, the fantasy that transpires between these pages as there is magic, there are dreams, there is love in all the nuances, the family, and also the importance of making choices and to understand how these can influence our choices not only our lives but also that of others.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 365 ♥ Publisher: 4Hour Books ♥ Published: February 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8183861267