Book Review: The Misadventures of Yia Yia and Lucey: Patricia Linaris

The Misadventures of Yia Yia and Lucey by Patricia M. Linaris takes us into a world full of wonder, ready to enchant us with new and known magic at the same time with the characters are the real trump card of this saga deep, changing and never dull, who can surprise the reader with their evolutions.

Yia Yia walk in the course of verve insensible to the pandemonium that she foliage at the back and chipping in the adventures is her dog, Lucey who has her own delusions of stateliness and in concert they managed to note down their castle in the air exploits to Yia’s grandkids over the years.

One letter being a little more despicable than the last, but always showing Yia Yia’s naiveté and Lucey’s world-weary point of view as Yia Yia and Lucey get together and network with all sorts of out of the ordinary types all through their adventures from family members to street folks, doctors, police, nuns, bikers and even a few dappled covert government men.

The book is separated into years that the letters were written and sent as Yia Yia in fact mailed these letters to the grandkids at sleep away camp with extras were written when they returned abode and inquisitiveness demanded new stories about Yia Yia and Lucey.

The dry style do not prevent the author from giving us poetic images, full of emotions, memories, but also of dreams and hopes; images that betray a strong attachment, and that allow us to stop time with a story that surprise and soften, and indignant that fascinate.

There are books ageless, that enter the heart to never to leave again; There are books that excite you, making you a child again, that make you feel at home and that give you a sense of sadness when it's time to greet one of the characters, trusted friends and fellow adventures.

The cover of the novel is beautiful, and even to this chapter befits the story contained in the pages of the book with the author uses a simple language and style of writing, but not trivial. The book is designed for young readers, so it uses a simple lexicon that results in a writing extremely smooth and pleasant, suitable for young and old.

The style of the author is mature here with the author abandons some ingenuity, with the pace of the narrative is relentless, the events narrated are so compelling that the reader would be hardly be able to detach his eyes from the pages while reading. The descriptions made by the author are always comprehensive, never heavy or lengthy.

With her pen, the author gives voice to the traditional fairy tales, reversing the certainties of each child or adult that is, teaching the reader that nothing should be taken for granted, in which hides many a secret and that will surprise the reader more than once.

Another thing commendable with the book is its ability to deal with important issues and in a book seemingly childish that many kids today have to deal with. The author, with her words and her story so close to childhood, makes it less traumatic, changes and problems related to the life of every day, almost reassuring the reader.

Among the topics touched by the author there are love, friendship, brotherhood, family unity, confidence in themselves and in their abilities, forgiveness, remorse, regret, envy, unhappiness, the sense of belonging, hope. These are just some of the countless issues that this author touches and deepens with her pen, one more important than the other.

The novel is not without twists and the reader will be surprised with the incredible ability of the author to weave with great skill fairy tales very different. Truly remarkable, therefore is her imagination, which never ceases to surprise. It is a book that will appeal to a young audience, however, also has much to teach even the adult readers.

The book is recommended to all those who remember the nostalgia of childhood and fairy tales, to those who believe in the importance of books and reading, to those who want to immerse themselves in an original and thrilling story, experiencing new adventures with the characters.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 422 ♥ Publisher: Outskirts Press ♥ Published: January 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1478748427