Book Review: I Dream of Clyde Monro: D. Everett Newell

I Dream of Clyde Monro, by D Everett Newell is a collection of 91 poems, embarking on a journey along the road of the words that is always fruitful, and cease to remain silent and telling necessarily showing that light atypical, and that core enclosing the unconstrained growth of any emotion.

Well, the poems are the most truthful and authentic with the poetic anthologies boasting strong and rarefied tones following the footprints, and analyze the crease that appears less of the atmosphere that everyone hides among the multitude of anxieties, worries, monotonous sounds and celebrate the breath and the pitch of the word, following it to where you confuse the limits, the blooms over the cheeks of a new path or the rush to take steps that upsets the whole that remains there, giving a positive, to fill, even when the sky will come back to darken, and the rain no longer offer to accompany her, dancing among the bare branches of a day that does not end, with new colours.

The poet has been able to demonstrate that poetry is not the pocket to hide, with weaknesses or uncontrollable anxiety, because this is considered, where the weather remains sitting stunned to observe the sudden spread of the wonderful hymn to the joy of life, the soul baring, incites to grow.

The poems are held in their pockets and are mined at sunset. Admirable, above all, the ease with which it is expressed that, in such a context, the poems has the colour and the scent of the night, and the essence of his breath so like the voice of the summer sun, especially the one singing, as dreams of the universe, one that each of us can listen.

With feelings aimed at those of their lives makes it a mission taking it by the horns and take a goring in an attempt to avoid poisonous arrows and false sincerity, directly and with eyes fixed in the eyes of others to heal silicon wounds with the wit and intelligence to start again from its ashes never quite worn, but spirited of life, solidarity, and more existential the incredible flying that moves the universe artistic and socio-cultural.

The inner life of our author leavens introspective analysis of his verses without sophistications whatsoever, direct and to the depths of the soul in many facets in the linearity of the teacher whose job is not to impose one's knowledge, but open a way to feelings deciding to hatch openings on the dial of existence all punctuated by the tolling of the pendulum, especially when the beauty of the universe with a solar blanket radiates the pleasure of the reader.

It becomes credible ambassador who let it be the way to talk, the inspiration to rule, the sensitivity to breathe moments mixed with everyday situations that is not always idyllic that every sort of life poses. The clarity of the poems, drives out the sirens of any enigmatic obscurity or in favour of an existential pragmatism that does not generate unyielding confusion, always on the front line, to lead battalions to the office of emotions that never dome, conscious in its values.

It spreads to the four winds the message that you love to move the spheres of existence, to appease the tumult of the soul, of mitigating the creaking of the time. Scrolling through the verses, always heels of that vital thread arc, where we hear the ticking of his steps, the pulsations of the chest and lightning of infinity that the human eclipses often in the crevices of their own is not always able to pull off.

And then there is also to soak up the embers of passion that of positivity, of hope, of the wise to take new paths by flaking of rocks for too long scratched from poetry that draws from such vital elements like the sun, the water, always wrapped up with pride, serene in the role of woman and in arming to use against lawlessness, so that justice becomes a normal, that is not random in the fantastic feeling of pride and love.

The book is that beautiful container of joys and sorrows, satisfactions and disappointments, of pride and prejudice, of reality and fantasy, ghosts that disappear and reappear in the most unexpected moments.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 121 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: February 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535770