Book Review: He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him: Shikha

He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him by Shikha is a novel that will thrill with the protagonists are in fact a married couple and it is true, it lacks the magic of the first meeting, but at least there is the spell of the rediscovery, the charm of falling in the same person twice.

Kunal Kharbanda is a proprietor of a textile company in Mumbai distressed from the profound spasms of a broken marriage while Shreya Kohli is a extremely qualified naive and pure Delhi girl earning an enviable pay but anguished from the yawning wrench of an unwanted break-up, with their parents having a tough time finding a suitable groom for them but finally as they tie the knot with each other their pasts come haunting them.

The narrative swings between this and a bit of the past, showing us through some significant events, when large and deep was the link between the couple, who, despite their apparent relationship crisis’s, never betrayed marital vows remaining faithful to each other, no small feat considering the frequent periods of the distance to which they forced their bond.

The couple, together share moments of despair and moments of joy but then, as happens to many married couples, are always a bit lost or rather, having not fed enough to their relationship, leaving themselves exhausted and shaky but that actually hides a deep need for love, a love that they never received earlier.

The book is marked by the complicity and mutual thrusts of irony, and destined soon to evolve into a more powerful feeling well, that threatens to overwhelm both, and describes the birth of an intense bond, a relationship that the couple was not ready for, but it became virtually.

The book is a romance, so be certain that Shreya and Kunal will earn and get their happy ending. The fun is in seeing how they'll get there and the lesson that we learn is useful to other couples, and those about to embark on a life together or those in the prime of their married life.

It is a book original, modern, engaging, and is a novel really unusual with the two characters meet, confide, argue and make peace with a relationship increasingly close and intense with the undeniable merit of this novel lies in the freshness of the dialogues between the two, virtually unique protagonists of an intense love story in the modern days.

There is no shortage of suspense and even some unexpected twists and you can read all in one breath. From the initial irony and detachment, their friendship evolves between streams of words with the most engaging dialogues of love that is exciting, vital, fun and similarly sophisticated and intriguing and full of suspense with the protagonists who have fantasies, desires and feelings that we recognize as ours.

This is a books that pushes you to turn the page until you get to the end, which could obstruct the emotional urgency of knowing how it will finish, entering deep and will illuminate the soul and will feel like a book as if it was written especially for you with the author is a true artist of communication at the highest level.

It is a book, full of feeling, delicate and romantic, corny or not, and you cannot leave until you read the last word and is recommended to those who want to breathe in a breeze of fresh air and to those who want an alternative reading and is ready to make a quick and pleasant dip in a sort of introspective tale of our times.

This book is suited for the magical and cold winter evenings, with the story needs no explanation or minces words and is a book from which you cannot detach easily and usually you can read it in one breath, difficult then separated from the protagonists and this singular history as present!

The author is a true master in building moods and reveals psychologies embedding divinely all the time far exceeding the aura of banality that could waft focusing initially on the plot of the novel and revealing nothing for granted, to the last word.

Overall it is a good book, able to engage the reader and intrigue to the point to devour this little novel in half a day. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful never taking for granted and never boring!

Obviously life is not a novel, this the author puts it clear several times, but sometimes we are the authors of our own destiny, for better or for worse. Before reaching the coveted happy end, the couple will have to look inside and realize that love is above all a meeting in mid-roads between two souls who choose to follow the same direction, because travelling on parallel roads does not lead us to places where there is happiness.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 292 ♥ Publisher: Vitasta Publishing ♥ Published: November 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9382711506