Sunday, March 8, 2015

Book Review: Finders, Keepers: Sapan

Finders, Keepers by Sapan a novel set in historic towns and full of puzzles starts great that drags you to read persistently and with so much skill the author keeps us glued to book held on these rhythms with a sparkling writing with historic and artistic enrichments.

A psycho assassin on the loose with two men are murdered in settings which natter volumes of connection of some sacrosanct disparagement with the start of something much more momentous and precarious in the pursuit to alter the country irrevocably with the fate of the country hangs in the balance.

This is the tale of how Deputy Director, I.B., Shoumik Haldar and eminent writer Ishan Vajpayee, the protagonists of an adventure who bring to bear all their trappings of square and avant-garde reasoning to crack the puzzles thrown athwart by the yet unexposed adversary, who while battling terrible opponents faces a mysterious enigma that sends them into a landscape of classic art, secret passages and futuristic sciences.

knotted deeply with the lavish mythical tales and specimens attributing to the loaded edifying legacy of this nation, the narrative depicts the resurrection of a latent historical cult, which attacks the very brass tacks of one of the most dominant and veiled organizations of all times.

The reader through the adventures and the thousand obstacles that the protagonist will face spread across the length and breadth of the entire Indian subcontinent, as it unravels with the duo travelling from one corner of the country to another searching for the signs. In this new and exciting thriller, the author masterfully blended history, art, codes and symbols to the themes that are more congenial to give life to make this novel more exciting.

The beginning is blazing with a fast-paced thriller, and then the story climbs a bit on the mirrors, quiet again and finally the author gives us its solutions. The chapters are short, as in the style of the author at each closure leaves us in suspense with incredible and fascinating descriptions of some of the most beautiful places in the country and the richest in terms of artistic splendour.

Art, literature and genetics are the background of a plot of a novel that perhaps eventually leaves a little tangy taste and needless to say, the book will attract the reader's curiosity, fascinating us the sins but mostly unconsciously we are attracted by sadistic punishments and at the end of the reading can only say that the greater sin could be the inaction and indifference, because we care about the future.

A few plot twists that makes you desire to continue reading there, with the finish is surprisingly fast and the result is that before long the reading is finished, and well then you have to admit that the writer has achieved the goal to involve us in each other.

Also the book demonstrates a deep love for the richness of our cultural heritage that deserves recognition. The reading is fluent with only moments of respite are in the description of the places and the works that our author will visit. The narrative does nothing but gives the story a higher gear, with the right mix of sacred and profane, of men who see the country in a different way. All enriched by frenetic shootings, escapes and pursuits that do nothing but pepper the adventure.

The most successful of the book, in my opinion, is the feeling of living in the first person a treasure hunt through places absolutely fascinating with interesting characterization of the travelling companions, nuanced and somewhat surprising. The final surprises, maybe for some may be granted, maybe for others it is the right conclusion of the adventure!

Overall a recommended book, which is sure to cheer all those who are looking for a book not too challenging and especially fans of the genre! Let yourself be carried by the author on this journey through art and history, all depicted as a race against time to decide the fate of mankind.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 624 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: December 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384027544