Book Review: Consulting in the Networked Age: John Watson

The Ultimate Guide to Consulting in the Networked Age by John Watson is a guide, effective and never predictable, for the success in the world of consulting and will guide you to discover the features that help ensure the excellence and teach you to deliver a service that focuses on the customer.

Those who decide to become a consultant, in fact, are faced with two challenges, the first is to enrich and know how to apply their skills; the second is to be able to develop their business. From time to time the consultant must be able to do marketing, looking for customers, meet with potential customers, write proposals, do consulting, worry that the legal advice is completed successfully and within the agreed time.

For a consultant it is crucial to be recognized, to be appreciated and build confidence. Confidence, according to the author, depends on many variables like the values, the credibility and the risk to the customer. In particular, the confidence is directly proportional to the share values of the consultant with those of the client, of its credibility, and inversely proportional to the risk to the customer.

To improve these aspects, the consultant should first define a marketing plan, analyzing their competitive environment, defining its business, conducting a SWOT analysis, specifying their product with its features and benefits, and the target.
Among the marketing tools to be deployed, the author emphasizes the importance of networking to build relationships, then reports, and finally possible new contracts.

For a consultant, in fact, a good part of new contacts comes from reports of third parties. The book describes how to use the internet to promote their businesses and themselves and offers first several tips to make more effective the website of the consultant; stresses the importance you write articles and books and speaking at seminars, meetings and round tables to be able to become a brand and explains how to establish a bond with their customers or prospects through the use of social media, through which the counsellor can share ideas, content, opinions and maintain relations.

Among these, social networks can be very useful to bring traffic to your site. To make the production a social network must identify a specific audience, to experiment, to participate, to be a world leader, be transparent and authentic and create many links to their site.

Whatever the means it has chosen, the consultant must first talk like a person and not as a statement, deliver value, in exchange for the trust and consideration that they will be preferred when the customer decides to use the service of a consultant.

The debate on the added value offered to the customer is just beginning, and today is the most important issue on the agenda of the consulting firm, which must be able to say everyday their existence and usefulness, based on contributions to value.

To become successful consultants you need to focus on the real needs of customers. Each consultant must develop the ability to understand those needs, create value and help customers get the desired results. This book also contains tools and techniques, but the aim is to put readers in a position to think like a consultant. Every consulting experience is different, but if you start to think like a consultant you can handle any situation in the most effective ways.

A volume must for anyone who wants to deal with this type of career and those who simply love the manuals that teach how to treat the image and well describes all the procedures required to start this work in practice and how it really works this figure of the new millennium.

A consultants technical preparation, in short, appears to be a necessary but not sufficient to get the job. Considerable effort, that need for capacity and effective tools. This is a book that aims precisely to address these issues, focusing on business and marketing tools, with particular attention to the lever of communication.

A must-read for anyone who is in the world of consulting, both for those who already work in this area, and for all who are involved in training or work regularly with the consultants.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 238 ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Published: January 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1507578216