Book Review: Caught in the Crossfire: Jyothirllata Girija

Caught in the Crossfire by Jyothirllata Girija tells the story of a young man facing a turbulent stage amidst his domineering mother and irksome wife, through the discovery of himself as an initiation rite.

Between the young fellow Mathan and his mother Kalyani, runs a very deep bond that, the traditional love between parents and children, and adds the profound harmony between the two during the long days with examples of this affinity are descriptions, which becomes daily opportunity to play amidst intimate light heartedness.

The idyll is broken, however, with the entry into the scene of Sangeetha, a young and attractive girl, who joins the same office of Mathan who gradually fall for each other culminating into a marriage but thereafter the life of Mathan goes into a whirlwind as he starts facing the everyday wife and mother-in-law tantrums thus breaking the intimacy of the game between mother and child.

Mathan is left on the sidelines more often, and get started playing jealousy between the wife and the mother and thus mark the transition from bachelorhood to a disturbing married life of our protagonist, alienated and frustrated, typical of Indian households.

A novel written with grace and care, with a dense reading that fills in a nice way this book contains a concert of stories and experiences that are difficult to tell yet and there is a definite plot, as also episodes that develop the character helping him to grow, to mature and learn to make the right choice.

The simple style and almost paratactic of the author makes the book mild, yet scratchy, almost creating a parallel with the character of the protagonist with the author describe the smells, tastes, feelings of chaos without necessarily falling into banality.

This novel has the cadence, and the pathos of a perfect pain catching up and sometimes surpassing it in the intensity, and is steeped in melancholy and leaves the reader with a lump in the throat, perhaps in it the author has put so much of the protagonists life and of his sufferings and this has undoubtedly contributed to create a work that will touch in the deep anyone who reads it.

The discovery of the faces of love is one of the most vibrant messages that the author gives in this account with a love for life sweet and passionate amidst a mature analysis and meditated on the concept of family and its burdens, sometimes bitter and tinged with sadness.

It’s a reading that behind the expressive simplicity conceals depth and conveys emotions, telling the everyday, narrating the life of a man as a symbol of an obedient son and a caring husband struck between making choices and keeping both sides happy.

The novel is fun, and lively and it is up to the reader to discover and understand this scratching of duty with the narrative that is really interesting with the characters portray their, sorrows, hopes and dreams.

A book devoid of frills, quick and incisive, and more than once you will feel that it is a book that would be perfect for a play.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 208 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: December 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535732