Book Review: Being A Woman: Shweta Khanna

Being A Woman - Quae mulier by Shweta Khanna is a poetic diary with poems covering love, passion, seduction, intrigue and full of intrinsic wonder and inner sensitivity where everything is looked at through the lens of a woman, who at the same time gives, takes off and survives, holding itself and only itself that energy that only the feminine eroticism renews continuously and tirelessly towards life.

An imprint of intriguing and curious archaic poetry in the beautiful and engaging ways, those that highlight the desire of passion to those who complain the pain of loneliness and nostalgia where emerge physical desire and in which prevails the desire for solitude with a sunny hopeful life expectancy of a nomadic femininity.

The author shows to have different and attractive arrows to her bow which you would like to re-read everything aloud and in your mind will ring the verses, the content, in the silence of the night, and behold, you will understand the music in the lines and then your mind in the space of the house will be charged.

The poems are in free verse of different sizes with the language used is clear, powerful and moving with the poetry could, at least, give a name to the existential distress with a beacon in the long night of unawareness of women, compared with the right to be faithful to their own identity, beyond the rigidity of roles acquired in the course of time.

The verses are the constant and tireless pursuit of their own sense of reality and value with the right to live fully their present, awakening from a life lived in the past or into the future, the conquest of personal power that does not match the domain on the other but just the opposite to claim the full possession of herself.

In every lyric, the poet expresses her passion through different emotions, moods of loneliness of the heart, research whether through new identity. There are many metaphors, similes that won’t express chaining the soul of a poet in her heart, surrounding it in words full of magnetism, because every poem lets in a magical feeling, which brings you to imagine the emotion, the feeling experienced by the poet at the moment when you are immersed in reading the verses.

As happens in the poems, the symbol of the many mysteries, idyllic dreams, that in these rhymes is seen a woman, regarded as the best friend of many poets, the dream charmer those heroes of yore, imprisoned by the scent that she is able to enact, with her ever living fire, giving off that passion that only a woman can give, even under the guise of the erupting charms.

The author, wants to express the sense of loneliness that hits her in reality, seeking refuge, as mentioned, in the memories, the desire not to have lost it, to spend those moments of lonely heart alone with her, where each poem is a collection of figures of speech that are intertwined with each other, in a game of similes, metaphors, repetitions to give moments to the heart of those who read them, and will love them.

The poems are a gift, that only a few are able to get, with thrill of emotions, words that move memories, the scent of imaginations, and indulges in a memory of the near future as the one waiting blissfully with rhymes that explain, that survive over time as memories, as panoramas in the opposition between love and death, between the sun and moon, between light and darkness of indefinite beauty, and unexpected dedications to women who have represented her life, in reading and in judging its love songs, but at the same time hopefully will remember that gentle poet, in the shadow of the cypress tree of life.

The poems gives a sense of vitality, from a soul pure as the breath of eternal life, light and delicate that sweet rests on the sea of emotions, which expresses all the pleasant feelings, from the heart animated by so much depth with multicolour images of heart, of emotions that only the poet expresses in her heart, of the poetess being a woman in love with life, the woman, seen as a flower of life, as music composed by transparent hands that caress the heart with verses dictated by the heart that deserves to be discovered, as each verse  continue to give those heartbeats that the memories have caused.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 62 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: January 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535657