The secrets of eternal love: the tricks to stay together forever

I met my life partner by chance at a party. She filled me with attention and I felt very flattered when she first introduced herself to me. I felt in my whole being heart beats at a rate higher than the normal. I am sure, she is my charming princess who came from far away, maybe from the stars, the princess I have waited for so many years and now she was here, next to me, inside of me.

I would say things like, I wish all these people now disappeared, only to find myself in her eyes. As soon as I saw her I knew she is the right one with the smell of her hair made me crazy getting lost in her as if to savor the sweetness of the moments. The entire universe cannot, contain our love and it overflowed on all sides. At this age, it had to happen something so beautiful. I cannot believe. She is gorgeous, wonderful, and divine.

So, by chance, I could not say how. She was born and just suddenly, without warning. Like Venus from the sea foam, like magic. Enchanted, I warned in a new sensation that she knew of old, a sweet feeling, deep, that gave me pleasure and at the same time made me happy.

After that, we went out together several times, and she was always very nice and attentive. We started without knowing, if not through our writings, a match that has become more and more assiduous: a match that is not it crossed the limits of respect and fairness.

The blue sky, the warm sun. We are alone, in silence, in this oasis. We sit down. I wrap gently in her arms and laying her lips on mine. My first real kiss! How long I have waited? From a life. I am no longer on earth, I'm flying in the blue, in happiness, in the magical world of impossible dreams.

And, without knowing it, we felt connected, we could not help but write, to communicate, to tell us many things. I love shooting stars in the pink dawn of rainbow woods smelling the shrinking violet music streams in the immensity of the sea with the singing nightingale and butterflies flying that warmed the heart.

I feel full of verve, zest for life. And my heart seems to be to overflowing optimism, desire to communicate to others my wonderful feelings of spiritual pleasure, my great overflowing love for you. I love you when I wake up in the morning, I love you as I fall asleep at night, I love you in my sleep, I love when I'm awake, I love you always in every moment of life.

I ask the sun's rays to transmit my heat, to the moon to make you feel the beating of my heart, the wind to touch you with my caresses, nightingale to sing my songs passionate, the stream to make you hear the rainbow to show the colors of my soul,
to the delicate flowers of my sighs.

It is the first time that I love, the first time that I feel this magical feeling that satisfies me completely, that makes me calm and understanding, tolerant and generous, happy, even in suffering. She is fresh and seductive. The words, the expressions of her love are effervescent, cheerful, bubbly.

Being in love! It's a sweet feeling. I breathe the love, rejoice in it. This love, which makes me happy, is the best gift that life I could do. With intelligent eyes gaze deep sweet, a toothy grin at the sides of the sensual face, complexion slightly amber, light brown hair a bit frizzy and with some cowlick on the forehead, the romantic facial expression, womanly seductive voice hot as the rustling of the leaves of a forest, delicate hands that tremble with pleasure. And then generous, sensitive, helpful, loyal, educated, intelligent, beautiful. She drives me crazy.

There is nothing more beautiful than this love. This heartbeat steady, uninterrupted, that never stops, that makes me happy, is a magical feeling, indescribable. I did not take his eyes off her. Blush resentful and I do not ride. My mind, however, is always there and does not listen to the, I think only the unknown.

I will not leave you, she says. I replied: "I want to be with you." Simultaneously both: "Let us flee, no one will know us, we leave all, we do not return back." We reach the camera laughing like crazy. We mount up and head into the unknown, to happiness.

I entrust my kisses and my caresses, because you reach through them, the petals of the flowers, the wind, the moon, the stars, the waters of the streams, the clouds wandering in the sky, the butterflies. She is part of me, of my inner world, my spirit, my being as a human person, in my being as a woman. She is the most beautiful gift that life has given me, the best part of me, ambrosia, joy of life, illusion, happiness.

Every night I slip under the covers and lie with her, fall asleep on her chest, in her arms, spend the night surrounded by her warmth, her breath is part of me, oblivion of the world and those around us, to exist only for us, the two of us, I for you are to me, united, linked in an inseparable bond of happiness.

The dream part on the wings of imagination, transports us to enchanted worlds,
above the tangible, follows every desire, hires illusions as her accomplices
to complete the magic, to lift us up at the peak of happiness. Suddenly back down to earth and detonates, in reality, her wonderful feelings.

I read the books she suggests me, the ones that appeal to her, she feels good for inner enrichment. I listen to the songs she likes. I do everything that she advises me, literally, like a good student who does not want to disappoint his teacher to have the illusion, for these small things that unite us, to proceed with her, in tune. It's because I love her and respect her and there is no better woman than her.

I seemed to have reached the maximum of happiness, of being the luckiest man in the world, the rare exception favored by fate. I take refuge in her, soft in her lap, in her comfortable warmth, the enchantment of her colors, the harmony of her voices, in her discretion. She is now my inseparable shadow. I fall asleep with her, walking with her, in the world of illusions and fantasies that make me fall outside the reality.

It is fabulous what surrounds me, seems unreal. As I proceed, kidnapped by nature, fresh air and inhale deeply flavored, healthy, uncontaminated, in this corner of paradise created. Wandering white clouds in the blue sky. Everything is calm. The wind has granted a stop. There is silence around. I do not hear anything but the peace that breathes charity and invests everything. I close my eyes at times and continue to go forward like an automaton. The dream and fantasy, who is close to me, know my weakness and I nourish condescending.

It is she who leads me and attracts me like a magnet. While driving it runs continuously at me, smiling at me. I am infected, do the same thing. We go up along the road leading to the mountains. I like the most because it is solitary, panoramic, land between woods and greenery. We stop on the large viaduct. We go down, we join hands, we get closer to the railing and look at the landscape that stretches in front of us.

The lake, the green water, crossed by wild ducks, with the landscape upside down, reflected in it, it is lovely; the mountains, near and far, the highest already hooded white, encircle the extensive valley that takes place around the lake, the cottages and villages clinging to the hills lower; farmers who collect firewood and acorns, flocks scattered on green meadows.

This love has brought me the height of happiness. I should be calm because I realized in full in love, in the sense that I love in an authentic way, without a doubt and without second thoughts, excess and with great satisfaction within, instead I'm living the drama of a soul.

It is a clear day. It is dawn already awake that announces it with his pink widespread horizon and already thinning you go into the blue. The cold is biting and penetrates through the skin causing shivers deep. She is here, with me, essential as air, as this vacuum and food the flame of my soul where the cold does not take root. I would feel real, live also in the matter.

My magic moment: in the evening, when I go to bed. I slip under the covers, her head covered. I curl up on myself and, simultaneously, are her arms. Hold me, kiss me everywhere. Hands flowing greedy on my skin, explore my whole body. I tremble with joy and happiness. I do not move, do not breathe, do not open my eyes.

We did not ask the question, we already know, that we are from the world, from which there are the universe and the human species and the breath of life that constitutes the essence, what to do, as proceed in divine harmony, how to feed our sweet, wonderful indissoluble love story. Captivated, throbbing with emotion, we kiss, we render in a velvety caress, we contemplate with devotion, blessed smile, immersed in an overwhelming delusion, the immense love that overflows from our hearts. Go, fly, in the thrill, the infinite, the universe immersed timeless, and love love love, become ourselves essence of love.

And we go, holding hands, we go, flying, jumping, cheering. And discover the realm of oblivion. A charm! A long avenue grass, wild flowers of the iris colour, everywhere, groves and cascades of water that slip soft small cliffs and into receiving streams cheerful, song birds that rest on moss-covered boulders, flying festive in the maze of leafy branches, which turn the sky blue-indigo-cobalt, high up on the top, and then pointing down, vertically, to rest on the rocks that rise from the waters and colourful butterflies ahead of us, moving through the air with beats d 'wings, and scent cocktail of pure virgin untouched nature and the sweet voices of the serenity of the joy of happiness.

I touched her, caress her with light fingers, feel the reaction of her mind through the skin, her warmth. I kiss her on the lips over the eyes on the neck, anywhere, with shivers of pleasure at the touch of her delicate hands that slip on my body, that is placed in every corner.

The sky is leaden, as my soul, the air is still; there is silence around, as I hug her, cover her with kisses, and I can not describe my happiness. Dawn is still immersed in the night. And with the princess came the great love, that pleasant and constant torment, from the deep, radiates in our being united and never abandons us.

We both laughed. The ice was broken. We were still embarrassed, but happy. We became an inseparable pair. In a halo of happiness, we took off in the blue to lose ourselves in intoxicated sparkling infinity without limits. My impossible dreams had become reality. We love each other, there is no time.

A sea of gray and pink, all gold, striped, beyond the mountains of the east, and the sheet-opaque blue that spreads in time shows a white cloud as its ornamentation. I am you and follow you in your escape, your sprint in the big blue sky, and I'll catch a flight, in a flash. And together we wander, free happy together, in infinite space, all ours, forever, forever, forever.