Book Review: The Trouble With Peer Pressure: Darlene Wood

The Trouble With Peer Pressure, A Simple My ADHD Story for Young Teens by Darlene R. Wood is an invaluable guide that gives everyone the key to understanding what children feel and express their emotions without hurting them to keep open the channels of communication, even when it seems particularly difficult undertaking.

The teenage years are a difficult and complex for kids with, the author provide a number of examples, values and common sense advice to address the challenges of adolescence from research to all the cost of popularity with friends to peer pressure, from the responsibilities of maturity to the perception of oneself, by the moments of crisis, to the charm of prohibited behaviour.

Caught in the vortex of frantic concerns, we are not even aware of the immense loneliness that surrounds us, the incredible and unnatural state of being adolescents and we struggle to imagine that nature has provided a joyous way through the loving relationship between everyone with a sensitive and intelligent approach, without dogma or simple rules that everyone can modulate upon themselves.

In this book, the author shows a beautiful journey to discover the many tools at our disposal to transform everyday life with children and young people in a, conscious, joyful, fun adventure and gives readers valuable aid to take care of themselves first of all, to heal themselves and look from a new perspective, filled with a deep sense of respect and unconditional love.

Being understood by those who love us is important for everyone but for the mental and emotional development of a child is a fundamental feeling with the author develop an original and effective approach that teaches to look at the world and themselves with the eyes of children and to never forget that children absorb all the emotions and words easily.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 31 ♥ Publisher: Outskirts Press ♥ Published: October 2014 ♥ ISBN13: 9781478734468