Book Review: Surrogate Author: Santosh Avvannavar and Shilpa Patil

Surrogate Author, by Santosh Avvannavar and Shilpa Patil is the expedition of a wannabe writer having an inclination for writings all the way through an assortment of Bollywood characters to instigate other authors in the course of this stirring filmy narrative based on Devdas.

This small semi-serious guide will help budding authors in the journey to getting published. The book does not have a plot, in fact, it is written in the form of a play in which the love for writing is analyzed under various aspects, just as they do in any wise analysis.

It means that there is nothing serious; the book is funny, cynical, and sarcastic. Do not miss this for acute analysis and deep reflection. Deliberately disguised as a self-help manual of Indian style, which follows a pragmatic and polite language, the book is actually anything but a serious book.

The author takes his hand guiding the reader step by step into the world of contemporary writing. With a fun parodic mimicry operation, this guide helps the unwary reader to figure out with a play on the different expressive possibilities.

From these simple questions, with the help of little narrations in filmy style and a few jokes, we enter slowly into the world of far more complex relations between author and reader, between text and speech, bringing into play the concept of transcoding, of interpretation, of authorship.

Obviously what remains as a horizon for which to strive, as an exercise of sentimental education that subject us all, authors, publishers, and readers. But what we know of the writers and their work? Little or nothing, considering that often is not even mentioned in the book that they cared. Yet the writing is an essential element without which the text would not reach the general public and indeed the writer becomes an integral part of the book, because whatever they say is not a simple mechanical act but a complex creative work.

And reminded here is the writers world, with the authors who in a sympathetic pamphlet strikes a blow in favour of these obscure operators, exploited and misunderstood, and know who care could benefit to the reader, mechanisms, habits, conditioned reflexes, explained in detail, influencing the literary and cultural life of our country.

One of these is but dangerous cult of personality that, for better or for worse, leads us to look for in a single person, and not more than one, the author of a masterpiece or the scapegoat for an editorial disaster.

The book is a creative work and is made of knowledge, insights, and shades; that is able to make sense and the rhythm, in a constant balance between understanding, without indulging in too bold solutions, or normalization.

Needless then to chase a fake neutrality, a camouflaged spirit, the formal perfection: since noone can exist better to clarify immediately, to themselves and to the readers, what are the requirements and intent of writing. And, with it the passionate reader, could start in the search for a writer, in comparison to find a wider range of flavours and a better understanding of the writers world.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 52 ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Published: October 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1503002159