Book Review: The Path Is The Way: Mohit Badoni

The Path Is The Way, by Mohit Badoni tells the story of a young Indian Army Officer Vijay Amrit Raj Sharma, struggling between life and death seriously wounded in a cordon and search manoeuvre, recalls the lessons that existence and his grandfather have taught him.

The young officer survives his gunfire injury only to find out that he has survived to payback for his sins and then embarks on a trip to discover a way to cleanse away his sins, letting him find out adore, amity, ardour, anguish, insatiability and ultimately optimism with an indiscernible globe manifest itself in the perceptible planet to seize the mysteries of individual ethics and the pursuit of emancipation.

A bleak novel, philosophical, sometimes humorous, illustrating the misadventures of virtuous Vijay, who runs into all kinds of people, and that sometimes convince him of futility of virtue, upsetting the sermons and recommended vices, and finds any good action is sanctioned, every vice is rewarded.

Things just happen, without any foreknowledge or hidden meaning, without which Vijay had time to prepare a consonant response or figure out how to overcome the unexpected and makes us enjoy a suspended world, in which human and divine collide, managing to create a story certainly very interesting with a troubled past which is delineated by the author masterfully with few short sentences.

All the sadness of this truth of life is inherent in the novel, which annihilates the clear vision of facts that could happen to anyone of us at any time. Unfortunately, it is said that, if you mess up, then you will have the opportunity to remedy.

A tale somewhere between fable and parable that reconciles a mystic and surreal to ruthless harshness of reality with a protagonist torn between the human temptations of vice and the noble desire to remain an honourable person despite the condition of decadence, and with resignation and disillusionment typical of those who have too much time fighting with misery.

The story travels between real and surreal and is perhaps therein lies the key to success and instead this is the life where often, in life, you face uncomfortable questions, to wonder why certain things happen or life takes unexpected turn that is irrational. The answer, terrible and true, is that there is a reason.

A intense and very representative book just fabulously written in a simple and direct way, that surely merit a impeccable pen and a very special character that shows his sadness and melancholy but above all represents the feelings of a person as he become the true undisputed star showing his courage and his fury.

In addition to the occasional humour while reading the book, however, it would not be hard to feel tenderness and compassion for the protagonist, with the book is written so well, and the plot is structured well, the style is precise, accurate, exhaustive yet cynical, often direct and raw.

The story has a deep meaning not indifferent and the events narrated, with the protagonist is described in a realistic way and it is not difficult to recognize in him traits and characters of modern society with the author uses a very direct style that contributes to the realism where everything is seasoned by irony, sometimes a little bitter, that distinguishes the author.

The story unfolds through an ideal dialogue and the related reflections or deductions walk to the conclusion converging on the negativity of indifference, that is evocative compared to all the others, penetrating and effective as a beautiful interior monologue.

The story is as light as a fairy tale and fable contains the wonderful inventions and spells, but clearly reflects the bitter self-criticism of a brilliant writer who uses a strong writing for this microcosm of different characters whose lives intertwine and blend, sometimes by accident, as happens in life and invisible threads bind the people leading them to an inescapable fate and with them, a whole swarm of characters that give colour and depth to the story.

This book is crossed by a magnetic grace and a sort of narrative candour that make literally impossible to tear our eyes from the pages and  is able to instil a sense of deep serenity and is a book that you drink in one gulp even if it leaves a little bitter taste in the mouth.

ISBN-13: 9789383952427 ♥ Publisher: BecomeShakespeare ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 180 ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English