Book Review: Everyone Has Their Little Secrets: Michael Louthan

Everyone Has Their Little Secrets by Michael Louthan is a brusquely on the ball and heart-rending representation of a youngster grappling with very grown-up struggles in the midst of a startling coming-of-age work of fiction that pulls no punches.

Zoe Von Lynskey is a characteristic 13-year-old lasso with a calm existence and a clear upcoming in front of her that is, until her 16 year-old brother is fortuitously shot by his buddy Kirk Anderson. With her big brother no longer there to defend her, she is now on her own and susceptible as when Zoe makes a deadly choice to shield herself against Kirk, her globe begins to fall apart under the credence of her furtive.

The virtue of Zoe a melancholy character, tender, sensitive, naive and innocent never yields, true to his principles, because of her misfortunes that accumulate in an endless crescendo with a chilling end awaits the protagonist who did not want to bow to the moral world but her virtuous behaviour makes her systematically fall into the traps of the nastiest with her mainframe journal is her only sounding board as she documents the wrenching hopelessness, apprehension, carousing, pregnancy, and suicide attempt.

The book denounces the current human morality where it is not true that the defects are punished and virtue triumphs, quite the contrary, as the misfortunes of Zoe confirm with this world is in the hands of the strong vicious beings against which nothing can the weak virtuous comply with moral triumph that of vice and strength.

Only the sensitivity, from feeling alive, so indifferent to girl must replace the girl partisan, depends the success of the story and this entrusts all her optimism, her confidence stressing repeatedly the importance of inner strength and clarity of optimism of the will be balanced by the pessimism of the intellect of concrete imagination.

It would be important to break down a common thought, according to where the biological reality is everything and everything resulting from it. We are used to investigating the meaning of life, so mysterious and full of surprises and maybe it's time to give meaning to lives, rather than look for its meaning.

We need to spend our time trying to build something for ourselves in relationship with others and all this is possible, provided it is not the length of life the first criterion. Its important to the quality of the things that we develop over time we have available, which, short or long, it should be accurate in every moment, cultivated, nurtured, lived without fear or shame, but being able to be examples of high a human level.

In this thought of the author, is contained the story of a soul, the moral figures and ethics of an organic intellectual with the legend seems to portray a girl who captain exceptional events but, if they could potentially become a weapon of social redemption, becoming instead complications that could undermine the integrity of the protagonist.

From the intense short story there then will be born the internal conflicts of Zoe who will fight between the hedonistic pleasures and almost bourgeois who now can enjoy again and the desire to maintain her dignity, despite the decadent atmosphere that surrounds her.

A pessimistic view that the author, who sees the efforts and goodwill of a girl succumb to their indolent and vicious nature but remains a small glimmer of hope in life, even in the worst moments, that can offer an opportunity for redemption, is for us to take advantage of it or continue to drown in a symbolic glass.

She will succeed, despite everything, to preserve it with the metaphors in the story, probably, of the condition of the non-life, do not fit, that no occasion can redeem if not a death mild and beautiful that unfortunately was denied. The literary fiction admits the holy sinner, maybe not the reality, the art does.

Zoe is just a girl, and in her, as in all, two features coexist antithetical the frailty of human nature and a sense of their own dignity, Another key aspect of being human, that she is very much alive, despite appearances. With a veil of quiet irony and demonstrating in the comments and descriptions a deep understanding of the human soul, the author gives us posthumous this brief, wonderful story, full of multiple readings on humans, the sense of honour, the fragility and redemption.

The author punctuates the stages of life, marked by obliged rituals, markers of generational transitions and does it with biting irony and sentimental participatory membership that snatches with surprising and controversial concern the dark sides of the human dosing harshness melancholic and ironic sweetness. Certainly this novel more than enjoyable, is lovable as some wines taste sweet but has a sour aftertaste.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 184 ♥ Publisher: Outskirts Press ♥ Published: December 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1478726869