Book Review: @ Dreams: Joginder Rohilla

@ Dreams by Joginder Rohilla is a little romance, a little precious pearl concentrated on a breadth of issues that always plague our lives described through the journey of three youngsters in quest to fulfil their dreams.

The protagonists are Samar, Virat and Umang. The three young men meet in college where among them was born a beautiful friendship immediately destined to become important with the backdrop to their evenings are the passion for music, dance, girls and wine.

Their friendship, love and dreams are at the core of this novel without the centrality of a protagonist where everyone will face problems, everyone will get severely tested who will have to bear the human rigidity that characterizes from the mind of girls used to a warmer, close and sincere interpersonal relationship, to the desire for social redemption.

The dream of a better world soon collides with the reality of life with the search for jobs and a more dignified life are revealed immediately as an enormous task and, for the most desperate. If dreams help to accept the reality, the protagonist discovers, sometimes, the size of the unrealness is so thin so as not to perceive the passage from one place to another dimension.

However, the protagonists of this story, poised between reality and fantasy, live an incredible experience, in which dreams and memory blend with reality, in an atmosphere of magical suspension with the blossoming of a romance, transform their life into an inner journey in search of the very essence of life.

The narrative of the novel is almost elegiac with a melancholic tone and pathetic sweetness yet another element that inserts fully in the neorealist vein is the authenticity, transparency and the fiery temperament and purity of the characters, passionate, romantic and pure.

In each of the events of the main characters goes to meet a tragic dramatic fate to finally find their redemption where their dreams consists of a tone almost elegiac, the melancholy pathos is abandoned in favour of the right balance between lyricism and reality and finally, in a violent life, the stark reality is the host and is the raw material for a beautiful and passionate narrative.

And here is enclosed a great message that emerges very clearly the immortality of humanity represented by the protagonists who seeks answers confronting their lives, in a return to primordial life in which freedom, loyalty and rejection come together in a unique and ideal way in a single vision of the beautiful world.

The beauty of the narrative, makes us think about many problems and raises many questions to which life cannot give answers in which the narrative explode in an irresistible triumph. The book is enriched with new words, new thoughts and gives the individual reader new emotions and no matter that they are pleasant or unpleasant because it is always a goal, for an author to transmit sensations.

The text flows, rushes and slips with a bewildering swiftness in simple language and incisive and you may meet, in some places, in poetry but not poetry as a category of composition, but the poetry of landscapes described, the vast expanses, creeks and birds floating in the light air. As for the fluency of language, it seems that the words were written on the lines of a pentagram.

Read and believe. It is a good book because it makes you dream, kidnaps you and takes you with the author on that land by dreamers and especially of dreamers on it because there is no envy, nor selfishness, there is not even hypocrisy in a land of dreams achieved.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 226 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: December 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535466