Book Review: Black, Grey & White: Santosh Avvannavar

Black, Grey & White by Santosh Avvannavar is a revelation for anybody who desires to witness the flourish of affirmative change in the social order and offers its readers five incredible short stories that has a common endeavour to broaden understanding in relation to AIDS and is a chance for folks to join in the battle against AIDS and illustrate their solidarity for HIV positive individuals who has the right to breathe with their head held high devoid of apprehension of social snub.

The time we live in, despite the difficulties, can be considered modelled on well-being and comfort. We live immersed in technology, always connected and up to date, we know more of our past and our present, and yet we have not become more intelligent. Not from the human point of view, at least. Of course, the well-being does not automatically guarantee the development of consciousness and thought but usually gives a strong push in this direction.

Basically, the book deals with the status of fight against AIDS, in order to sensitize the reader on this issue through a novel. Living in this world, in fact, means knowing how to live together, to communicate, to be with others, and then respect them more than the creed, race, gender or social background.

Despite the advertising campaigns, films, programs in the topic of spreading awareness about AIDS, there remains much to be done to achieve full awareness of the problem that will require a real change in mentality, who distance themselves from those who wanted to shine with reflected light.

The author shares life experiences of a few characters, very different, but who share the determination to fight a tough battle, with an uncertain outcome, fought on the minefield of cultural legacies, prejudices and traditions that arise, to those who have the audacity to want to change, like monolithic blocks, granite and compact, crystallized on fear and guilt of men and women.

Just because of these difficulties, the question arises: "Is it a battle that you really want to fight?” The question is anything but ordinary, around which the book takes the reader through a common and sober language, on what has pushed the author to take the field, or to answer yes to that question.

The brave hearts devote the book with their stories, because they are an example, warning readers from the traps, sometimes fatal, who hide behind noble words and very often, as explained in the intense essays, naivety, inexperience and mentality make it look what is manipulation or ridicule more or less veiled.

The real change, however, the more difficult and whose are all other concerns our consciousness, the author of the book point out that to fight and win this battle we must all be united and aware, disrupting ways of doing away with obsolete and harmful thinking in society, in all fields of knowledge, and even in language with a wish for the future to change the world, to continue what has already been started in this.

One of the merits and distinctive features of the book is the large space, five chapters, dedicated to the cause and types of emotional reactions to the disease and its course, including responses to sexual and relational level, the role of stressful events in the family, the role of stress factors in the evolution of the disease and perhaps it is from this first phase of recognition and association that AIDS wears the social stigma that still characterizes the difficulty accepting this infection .

The work of the author is of fundamental importance and on the positive side there is definitely the good intention of the author, engaged in an awareness campaign, and a more or less accurate reconstruction of the life of the characters with the reader has the opportunity to get a better idea of their ideas and their conditions.

There is a bit of provocation, in taking the parts of a bad for excellence, but there is above all the urgent need to change the common perception of the disease.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 138 ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Published: November 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1505217742