Asus Zenfone Smartphone Price Specifications

At the beginning, faced with something new, I was critical and hesitant. It took was a handful of minutes to love the flow of the finger across the high definition smooth screen, and in no time I was infatuated with the ability to know everything now everywhere. I love the fact that it immediately became more powerful.

Every so often happens, also, that I look at the old phone with the screen made of tiny blacks squares on green background where any task becomes inconceivable and boring. It could not give me anything, and the device could not guarantee me abundance and serenity as the new Zenfone has given me. My relationship with the previous phone was no longer enough, which had exhausted what it could assure me, as the world progressed and all my friends were more powerful than me, it was time to leave.

Between me and my old phone had arisen problems of trust, accountability and compatibility, and towards the end I even began to doubt her sanity, until I was touched to admit that I had to close our relationship as most of the times it gets stuck, when he is tired and is not able to guarantee me joy and power

Returning slowly from delirium, the ratio defined as smart is an erotic relationship and unilateral, where I can ask everything immediately to my Zenfone. This electronic device makes me an extremely powerful, makes my life easy against the hardness, enmity and violence of the natural flow of life. The invention of the Zenfone was something exceptional, in short, that allows me to communicate from miles and miles away with my other half!

Asus Zenfone allow me to communicate at a distance, without the hassle of having each time to walk to her house. With the Zenfone I can do everything as I can call, send text messages, chat with friends and, above all, connect with many of my peers through the internet, to keep in touch with my friends and play online games.

I use my Zenfone for reasons more playful and communicative need for real, but this phone is also very useful in my working environments, although almost always used for personal and educational purposes and I'm starting to appreciate all the features. Zenfone offers the versatility and good performance. The birth of the compact and versatile Zenfone made it possible to work in peace with much better performance as I can call, work, read and play at the same time and in a quiet place with the games became more and more real.

The Zenfone allows the connection between other connected devices like computers, tablets, and so on and allows me to share links and documents from one platform to another in a few clicks. For me it is the best solution to send to my Zenfone web pages I visit from the PC and even allows me to see the notifications of my phone on my PC, and is the ideal solution to never miss important calls or e-mails, leaving quietly smartphone silent or away from me.

Zenfone allows me to keep on hand the most important information, publishing them directly on the screen of my phone from weather, missed calls, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat or news, and I know everything that's going on my phone without having to unlock it and is an ideal solution to stay focused and limit distractions during the day.

The layout of the main screen of my Zenfone helps a lot in improving my productivity. With the icons and shortcuts I use most frequently on hand, I do not waste time having to search through folders of various applications, allowing me to model the main screen at my leisure.