Unusual Ways To Propose your Girlfriend

Simple dinners by candlelight and proposals are traditional means to carry your message. When you are ready to pop the question to your girlfriend, think of ways that will wow her and her emotions at the same time. Ask the girl of your dreams for her acceptance with an interesting proposal.

While you can certainly spend a fortune setting the scene for asking this question, you do not need to shell out a chunk of money to make your proposal significant. Instead of making your proposal an expensive proposition, do something unique and keep the money that you would have spend, on a breathtaking ring to don the finger of your girlfriend.

The chemistry with partners is the basis of any mature relationship, so it is important to know how to turn on the fantasies and desire within the girl. Follow rather these few tips to propose your crush this valentines day!

To start surprise her with a nice dinner, which gets even more romantic if prepared by you where at the table do not lack of aphrodisiacs food, that are tasty and quick to cook accompanied with a perfect salad with cucumber, fennel and celery. A glass of champagne and a basket of truffles will then be essential. Otherwise excellent substitutes will be wine and liquorice, which improve mood. And to round off do not miss a chocolate dessert and coffee and then sweetly propose her in her ears!

A perfect gift to make your girl blush are then popular erotic novels, and maybe readings a few lines to increase the desire and fantasy in her as unlike erotic images on the screen, the written word is thinner and allows her to use the imagination. While reading, make it a habit to cuddle and touch your girl often in a sensual way, however, without the intimate approach and any show of excitement to keep her guessing.

Take her to a shopping mall and choose sexy lingerie to give it to her along with transparent nightwear and then bring her to your house and then in front of her remove your clothes to the maximum without looking at her and just see her blush in the mirror.

Give your love a work of art that show love in a creative way, to ask her to be yours. Put your skills to the test and create a painting that represents your love for her. If you do not own painting skills, take some old magazines and cut out pictures, making a collage that represents your emotions. In the centre of your artwork, place the message "I Love You" prominently. Cut a small slit in the centre of your artwork, and move the ring in it, which enables her to grasp the piece when she eagerly accepts.

Last but not least advice is to ban the monotony. And go to physical motion, not with what you hope, at least not yet, but the real exercise for the body that aims to strengthen the muscles involved in the intimacy. Indulge your fantasies everywhere and the routine will soon be a distant memory. Who said that love is only in the bedroom?