Book Review: The Winners Curse: Dee Walker

The Winners Curse, the novel by Dee Walker, is a political thriller that, through an enjoyable narrative, that traces the events of our country, in the twenty first century modern decade with the strengths of the novel is the plot and the perfectly constructed setting where the story takes place, complex and thick characters, with the author succeed in fact in the difficult business of combining a deep storyline to an in-depth analysis of some of the political, social and cultural conditions that afflict the country.

The book is built around a main character and tells the story of Harsh Mittal who with a blazing apparition, pure intelligence and the blessings of his political Godfather makes it to the billionaire guild and to respect his Master's wish, Harsh, with the help of his fellow IITians, sets out to fashion a never seen before e-governance tools that will change the face of independent India where transparency can deal with the tribulations of our system.

And because the technology can put us in a situation of unconscious visibility, in which each of us could be unveiled, breaking the glass case that there occult deceptively to others and show us suddenly in all our ridiculous nudity where everything is at stake from money, reputations, egos, morals and even lives.

Harsh is determined and uncompromising and goes head-on against viscous Multinationals, and slimy snakes and never give up and never lose sight of that which is his way and is not afraid to go to the extreme, to go down to hell, and to penetrate into the darkest gray human soul for the country that he loves, where political corruption is rampant, politics and crime go hand in hand as Harsh tries hard to reconstruct the pieces of this decadent puzzle and is the symbol of the struggle for survival.

The meticulous, almost exasperated, description of the myriad characters who populate the plot of the novel, is to give us a double reading of each of them of what appears on the surface and what lies in the dark depth of their minds with the character of each figure is chiselled in its nuances, with an admirable job of introspection, because the reader reach all floors decoding for their acts.

The book has the charm that belongs to a thriller, with human characters has their ambiguity, amidst emotional and psychological dilemmas, where good and evil is never completely black or white, where nothing can be taken for granted with the book reveal a robust talented writer, capable of concocting plausible plots, with this adventurous story seems really happened and it is undeniable that this is the secret of a fine thriller.

The writing is beautiful and visceral, with the body and blood of a country driven by lust for power, in a portrait close to the style of the book is smooth, compelling, with clear effective writing, where there are no heroes or good characters, only lonely souls who jostle for a place under the sky that does not amount to happiness but rather in a renewed greed for extremes.

This addictive book will capture a spiral seductive and malignant manages to hold the attention of the reader from the first page full of twists and action, with the story is compelling and engaging, the plot is perfect, the characters are constructed in a way nothing short of flawless with the author succeeds most of the time to capture the reader's attention very early, only to release it at the end of the book.

A complex believable plot, neither obvious nor predictable with a style of the highest level, the language, setting, and dialogue is perfectly focused, centred, and contains one of the most complex and intriguing plots and if you decide to embark on the adventure, then you will enjoy a literary performance of the highest level.

In conclusion, an extraordinary book, that whisks you away from beginning to end, it is one of those novels to read in the evening or on a winter day, where reading becomes more attractive as the scenes one after another, one after the other move with an apparently high speed.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 288 ♥ Publisher: Srishti Publishers ♥ Published: December 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9382665243