Book Review: Outsourced TGT Murders Book1: Maya Kavita

Outsourced, TGT Murders Book 1 of a trilogy by Maya Kavita interweaves a murder mystery acclimatized with a story set in the backdrop of outsourcing, which recreates the atmosphere tastefully with this book will fascinate you from the start, full of twists that leaves no room for boredom all finely woven, with a twist in almost every page.

We are on with Trans-Geo Tech, a massive outsourcing firm in Toronto. As chance would have it Ella Laraway, an HR executives US mentor, Odette Dodeur, is found lifeless with her corpse shipped from Toronto to China in a cask along with the note, “Outsource this”. TGT’s CEO Tapan Rao accuses Ella of stupidity in treatment of the safety measures around the outsourcings, and makes her the scapegoat in Odette’s casualty.

It starts from here and the rest of the story is a race to find the culprit where adding to Ella’s professional difficulties, Rao assigns her as TGT's liaison with the officer investigating the murder but worst of all, Ella is the murderer's subsequent aim and following quite a few close calls, she’ll finish up unaided with a assassin, at the rim of Niagara Falls, where she'll have to be prepared to take life in order to save herself.

And then you want to put the pleasure of reading a book whose protagonist is presumptuous and stressful, that even with all the good, the highlight of the novel is definitely the final conclusion with the plot is slender yet complicated that immerses the reader amidst not too many characters, so it's easy to also follow the plots that unfold throughout the book.

The first hundred pages is dense, deliberately thrilling, with the intention of encouraging the reading if not the most determined, the most equipped to fill with their own presumptions amidst contours of descriptions and then towards the end, the novel climb on a rollercoaster verbal, visual and intellectual, because the action, in fact, is minimized with speed, intensity and violent action.

Divided into short and simple chapters, the novel pushes the reader to turn page after page to find out how the story evolves, what will Ella do one or the other of the many colourful characters where even if the story follow multiple points of view, but always remains anchored on Ella. This narrow focus can sometimes seem like a limitation but there happens great things, upheavals, around her.

After scrolling through page after page we get to the final with the resolute tone of the book with lots of food for imagination that stimulate reflection with its simple style, never boring or pedantic that fluently and precisely manages to get you into the world of Ella, who is nothing short of amazing, unstoppable and at the same time living the problems of everyday life, with ups and downs and everything else.

The title makes it more justice to the dark plot of the story and is in fact a novel full of dark spots and hidden things, waiting for someone who can shed some light. The pace of the novel is fast and the events follow one another, and the reader at first sight is struck by the mystery surrounding the murder of Odette with a thriller different than usual, with a spellbinding and compelling narrative.

The book recreates the atmosphere of outsourcing where the reader is immersed in the reading of this gentle and basically pleasant book, page after page, where the mystery may after all, surprise which is interesting and colourful and even the characters have been described quite minutely.

Every time you lose a little the thread of the story may seem redundant and the vagaries of the protagonist, but the fact remains that novel is totally interesting for a few hours of good reading that wind with a smoothness that will literally keep you glued to the pages.

It is a novel rather well paced in 350 pages where the writer manages to enclose a space in so short a masterpiece. The writing is fluid and, although rich in detail that do not confuse the reader with the suspense element certainly increases the appreciation for this novel.

The book is direct, interesting and very professionally written free of virtuosity, with a lexicon accessible to all, with lively dialogues, where you almost, hear the voices that follow each other, their tone, their inclinations and is definitely worth it for those who love thrillers and who love to read books all in one breath and for those looking for a nice book full of twists to slather fast during the winter.

A novel certainly interesting with a story of great depth, it would be worth reading the second book in the series.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 315 ♥ Publisher: 4 Hour Books ♥ Published: December 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8183860628