Book Review: Innocent Desire: Dhisti Desai

Innocent Desire, by Dhisti Desai is a modern fairy tale suspended between the fairy tale, love and magic in the search that mixes and combines elements of beauty, friendship, cynicism and despair varied to erupt with the force of the indomitable creativity and involves projecting the reader toward unforgettable scenarios depositing imperishable teachings with the characters speak to us more and more tiring vivisection aspects of our existence.

For naive Haven Green, a girl like many others, afraid of love, afraid to let go, for fear of abandonment and suffering, dreams were just unfulfilled fantasies that would certainly not twirl into truth and, like many believes little in itself, suffers life and is convinced of not having the tools to change it.

But little does she makes out it will be the solitary way for her to live on craving to perpetrate a misdemeanour and learns the power of extra-ordinariness and believes in herself once over when she meets the inexplicable, attractive and audacious Tenace Colby who drives her warm passions beyond limits that rekindles that spark of curiosity in her languishing in every human being.

Haven does not accept the life of nostalgia and look for a real life, most complete and fulfilled and it is precisely this that will open the door where she will begin a journey through herself, in search of love and healing.

Tenace guides her on a passage of self-discovery that not just draws her further away as of reality, which she had been rooting for, but as well generates a entire new world for her to find out her uniqueness. Thus beginning a symbolic journey that, through a series of meetings and tests adventurous, will lead to the discovery of her talent and the realization of love first in herself and then with others which through a surreal and symbolic journey, arrives to the unveiling of her dream.

The promising, original smooth writing helps you reach the end for the cultural enrichment, with many small beads that can be taken as advice that man to be complete must find the other half of himself, the importance of having a dream in life with the processes of spiritual purification that undergoes in the protagonist.

It’s a book that melts in your hands quickly with bizarre characters, memories, symbolic challenges to overcome the fears that keep us from living fully, fill this unusual story that is very exciting, that dig in the depths of a character who asks questions and doubts that beset many of us and also allows you to capture more fully some details not secondary that enrich this novel that tries to tell us how to get out of that invisible cage, which prevents us to feel freely our feelings.

The author with her powerful novel succeeds, however, to give us something invaluable and almost lost the mellow taste and rich in a book that not only entertains, but narrates and involves, up to invest wonderfully and ferry us into the world of embroidered fantasy in a continuous discovery, an unforgettable journey along unexpected paths beaten in the wake of the emotion.

The book is a whirlwind of writing and visionary in which all truth imbued to build a world were suggestively lost without resistance and creates a reality that mixes adventure, overcoming the reluctance of those who search in the novel a fragment of truth in which the reader can scroll through the many voices that lead to reality.

That's how the story of ethereal beauty encroach boldest imagination that leads us to the essence of things in a tiring journey of self-discovery a short sample of extraordinary human credibility, a circle that triggers varied delicate and bursting dynamics, visiting its most distant existence and at the centre of it all is the journey, or better, the desire to know and visit the defined boundaries.

The animated characters move frantically in a world to travel, explore and consume offering performances of unimaginable beauty and in these strips of land dissertate generous waters, where the protagonists are lost to find themselves; struggle against ungovernable forces that impel them to the essence of the self, the origin of the eager search of an engine that reasons that happens and moves around.

The long journey faced is a physically demanding journey which leads to the most extreme points, in and out of itself; is a unique opportunity to investigate the strengths and weaknesses, and to experience the strength that marks the big unions in the wind, breath of life that can lead to death, is the true protagonist of the novel, the indispensable engine of any action, the origin of each fuzzy thinking in which the characters tend in their desperate search for self and others.

With a lively and elegant prose, the writer outlines a canvas of considerable intensity and rare fullness and directs a song sung in several voices, giving space to the silences that speak and the pauses that explain. In over 300 pages of the book there will be time to duel, dancing and travelling with the wind, looking for what only a long and exhausting journey can reveal and tell us.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 304 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: November 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384226831