Book Review: Demon Dance: Brian Freyermuth

Demon Dance, A Sundancer Novel, by Brian Freyermuth is an urban dark fantasy hued with skill and elegance, which touched gently with alyricism to win the hearts of readers with a story set in a world suspended between reality and fantasy where the supernatural is an integral part of the world and mixes thriller, horror, romance and more that captures the reader between love, demons, and crimes.

Nick St. James, retired private detective was born different with his unusual gifts have saved him time and again and wants to forget the supernatural underworld that lives beneath the real world, but nothing stays veiled evermore as they couldn't save the one thing he loved most his wife with a demon slaughters his ex-partner, sister-in-law, and has its sights on him and a naive mother and child.

Now he must use all his gifts with help from a voodoo houngan, a vampire coroner, a Norse goddess, and a few more dodgy allies to locate the one who summoned the lurid creature, but more importantly, he needs to find the one fad he lost long ago. The struggle of good against evil is the theme of this novel with one way to learn more and to awaken the atmosphere painted with a timely and apt choice that makes incredibly real and tangible urban context described, in which the author engages perfectly the fantasy world.

Getting around in search of the scenarios in which the story unfolds, is a way to relive it and understand it in its entirety and so here comes in the ability of the author to skilfully blend reality and fantasy, making the novel fascinating and incredibly realistic.

A story that presents the classic conflict between demons, good and evil, but that takes these absolute values blurring the boundaries, making them unstable and penetrate a faction with the other with the characters break the saccharine and mellifluous image, that many of us have already coded, and refer directly to the descriptions of tremendous inflexible figures, tightly harnessed by duty dictated by laws and hierarchies.

The demons are closer to humans because they are more flexible and instinctive, but still surrounded by rules and hierarchies but there are also characters that are sure to do good, transgress those laws that characterize their own intrinsic nature, thereby making themselves traitors, as were the demons in the distant past.

There are plenty of characters with no powers, mortal and vulnerable, but hated and wanted for this privilege, and are often found seduced and enchanted by the members of one of two categories, by the extraordinary gifts free from laws and dictates, but with a free will potentially dangerous. The chapters are not very long and increase the desire to continue to read, to understand the mysteries that hide and finish the story as quickly as possible with the final is unexpected and prelude to a continuation of the story.

The plot is like a noir, with a mixture of action, violence, feelings and irony and a very strong presence of the fantastic element with the story unfolds through the short, agile, lean, well-structured chapters, inviting you to a reading without stopping with the characteristic style of the author, concise and impressive at the same time, clear, minimal but never boring, is enriched with precious evocative metaphors and similes that embellish the text, as well as tightened and engaging dialogues.

The strength, however, remains the characterization of the characters and the evolution of their emotional state, amidst very beautiful environments, descriptions that take you directly into the scene with the style, is simple and quite addictive and surely the reading of this book is a pleasant leisure and alienation from everyday life. This book deserves full marks for its ability to attract attention with the reading is smooth amidst a beautiful story and ambiance well characterized that manages to capture the reader's interest from the very first pages.

Overall a good book with the content is compelling and sliding and the tension is always kept high by the suggestions evoked by the constant changes of the stage and all this gives the reading considerable pathos even where the author goes beyond the use of the fantastic medium or at least far-fetched. All in all it is a book that reads very well that does let a relaxing time.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 332 ♥ Published: April 2013 ♥ Publisher: Middark Press ♥ ISBN13: 9780615800622 ♥ Language: English