Book Review: Chestnuts, A True Story About Being Bullied: Gilbert Ohanian

Chestnuts, A True Story About Being Bullied, by Gilbert Ohanian is a content rich book with practical answers to the questions that arise who terrorize children and thanks to the excellent pen and the brevity of the chapters the reading is smooth.

Anyone who mistreats another person, taking advantage of physical strength, authority, social or intellectual superiority, performs an act of bullying but the labels as bully or victim of an act of bullying are counterproductive because they promote the identification of the individual with his behaviour and trap a person in a role.

Bullying is one of the most intrusive social phenomena of recent years and each parent wants their children to have a happy childhood, and instead bullying in schools is seen as a big problem that afflicts many.

The problem of bullying is very real, and should be dealt with carefully with this book allows you to understand theoretical and practical courses in order to help everyone to understand and discern this thorny issue.

The book outlines immediately the problem that we want to deal with that is bullying and tells us how the suffering in the youth should result in discomfort and restlessness, often in violence against themselves and others.

The manual consists around one hundred fifty pages enhanced by the illustrations of the author with the malaise to an eye appears immediate help in this very illustrations that are scenes of everyday life now and wants to be a meter to investigate the phenomenon and try to give an aid to teachers and parents, in general to all educators.

The narrative told in the pages of the book with patience and love will give a lesson in responsibility to weave a loving relationship with children as the punishment is certainly not a solution, nor a deterrent. The teaching to love and respect themselves and others, awareness and responsibility for their actions is the first step for the growth of the adolescent as a person.

The author puts on paper his experience related to bullying, negative social phenomenon increasingly popular worldwide with a useful guide to address the problem as parents of the victim and the executioner and in fact, explains how to deal with the situation in both cases, how to react to the bully attitude, and finding strategies to correct those who commit such acts.

The author has put together a book of easy understanding, inserting concrete examples and possible scenarios, suggesting the right behaviour and illustrating the wrong one and provides clear general concepts necessary to fully understand the subject.

In conclusion, a valid source of information, and a first-aid manual for those who live these specific situations where we must never forget that each of us is given the large opportunities, in any situation, with any person, make us instruments of care and healing and with our children, this opportunity becomes more precious than ever.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 156 ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Published: August 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1500491192