Book Review: Believe: Varun Gwalani

Believe by Varun Gwalani is a very pensive novel that not just grips you, other than also provides you with insight into the very temperament of our individual thinking and has in the midst of its foremost issues the rediscovery and recognition of our innerself.

Conner White is a contentious writer who wanted to be different but later understands that beyond the imagination is a whole life waiting for him that lead him to the small fictional town of Levion, where he meet Victoria Parks, a young girl who was combating her own internal demons. Conner has to wrestle not just to save himself, but Victoria and the town of Levion as dark secrets are exposed all around that can make it better with its forces.

This book is simple, sincere and touching and is an intense novel that shows all the narrative capabilities of the author that flows very well and is characterized by the characters and the incredible scenery described in depth with the book takes the reader to the dangerous town of Levion, which encourages and shows a reality far from Conner’s imagination who will understand what is behind the face of the people.

The style is smooth and very simple, with the plot is linear and the story ends just at the climax with the ability to reflect on the diversity that is often perceived in a negative way but in this volume is viewed with curiosity and as an opportunity to learn, and then do not forget that also helps us to rediscover the value of unspoiled self.

With a smooth writing and a familiar tone, the author tells a very touching story and immediate text that can get you and arrest you from the start, because of the smoothness and pleasantness of a style not at all pretentious but very dynamic in the sequence of events narrated.

Read this book through the eyes of the mind and extrapolating every facet and meaning where everyone can find a gem in itself and you will find many surreal amazing adventures, unique characters and touching wacky situations, but as it should be, strictly speaking all fantastic.

Even the style makes reading easier, smoother and lighter, though it is heterogeneous along the length of the book with, the adventures of Conner is narrated briskly, as a story to delight with descriptions bare and essential, and what also contains the peculiarities of this novel, are we find details, moods, a pleasant introspection of the ego of the protagonist, with more accurate and touching descriptions, situations that will make you want to move forward to see how it will finish.

Engaging with a breath of delicious fantasy, novelties, many beautiful images in vivid colours, things that we would do well to remember placed here and there, joy and desire to learn, but also melancholy and sadness and compassion that would take not too many words to describe this sublime novel, beyond any conceivable imagination.

This is really a book of rare beauty, to be read continuously until the end, as each chapter pushes to seek a following in the next which ends with Conner where he will eventually understand, at his own expense, all that can be desired but that every desire has a price, and every choice produces inevitably a result that at times, is not predictable.

Apparently this book is a fantasy, but the reality is much more, it is a help for inner growth. In reading it, we realize that it is a magical story that enchants full of adventures, mysteries, breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary characters, symbols, poetry, and ethical teachings and is a book that gives joy.

There is a direct message to the society because we are all part of a network woven infinitely in which pulling a wire affects all the others and is a book that proclaims the love of reading, the power of beliefs and the ability of the soul to make an inner journey.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 298 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ published: September 2013 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9382473817