Book Review: The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 3: Krishna Udayasankar

The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 3, Kurukshetra, by Krishna Udayasankar set in the times of Mahabharata, tell stories of friendship and powerful warrior adventure with the story is that we all know told a thousand times in a thousand ways and styles with the author decided to focus all eyes on the battle of Kurukshetra with a pleasant background for the adventures that we will see later of the alliances made during the long war and the values that are transmitted.

Thousands of years ago the Earth was a huge battlefield and the terrible incidents, which also narrates the Kurukshetra, are but the remaining memory of fierce wars between different factions of the Aryavarta, where the wars of the kings begin for control of the planet which long before run wild with conflicts among men until the collapse of the evil, destroyed by tactics used in the battle field.

The story flows very quickly without losing tone, with this concluding volume end this beautiful interpretation with a wonderful trilogy, of high value full of myths, of divine interventions, of manipulative women, heroes and battles, but seen through the eyes of the man who wants the truth than the fables of the singers, with the author made us revisit, in a different light, the exploits of the rulers of Aryavarta, as well as showed us human weaknesses making fulfilling characters whose fate was sealed and resizing the heroic image of others.

The management of the war was perhaps the most difficult, because it has been told many times already, but the author has done very well by adopting a new perspective tended to make the characters less mythological heroes and more warriors made of flesh and bones who after all end gave a touch of realism to the story and humanizing it even more.

Even through the description of the war, you can read of human folly, the tactics, the friendship between soldiers and pride was really exciting with the reconstruction is very accurate, both in battle and in the description of places and shows a research and study not indifferent with the result is a well-written novel, exciting and sometimes even moving.

The narrative, however, not only draws on real historical facts, but the writer also gives ample space to the mythology with many mythical figures that we find in this novel with the intention of the writer was to give life to these myths that is enriching with an ingenious mix of everything, that do not distinguish where the truth ends and fantasy begins.

The novel stands out by the wit, ingenuity and intelligence with beautiful passages that will guide you in an extraordinary journey, with this story stems from a set of elements such as fantasy, mythology, legends, history all of which neatly compounds, and may allow the vision, not real worlds, the peoples of the distant past, a sort of time machine still fed by the glare of Indian mythology.

The book has a coherent development even if conducted by facts and legendary characters, made real by the history of a people that leads to an expected epilogue, and once again fantastic with this mythological fantasy has the feature to use a language often challenging, outdated, which can be scary to many readers, but in the end you cannot turn around where you cannot help but confront the past and what it can show us better than a presumptuous and complex language.

Anyone will love the novel inspired by the works already known at school, because they relate to the characters and situations that have become part of our lives and perhaps it will be for future generations and even if you already know the ending or the development of some of the events, it is always interesting to re-read them, perhaps with a completely different view.

The author was able to exploit a well-known work, and make it her own characterizing it with her style, with the feeling of being inside her thoughts and see the epic through her eyes where all the heroes of this novel seemed perhaps less epic, but more human and earthly.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 384 ♥ Publisher: Hachette India ♥ Published: December 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9350097182