Book Review: 101+ Secrets from Nutrition School: Lynne Dorner

The 101+ Secrets from Nutrition School coordinated by Lynne Dorner offers simple tips on how to set up a do-it-yourself diet and addresses the diet, as a system of criteria and principles with which man tries to adjust his personal relationship with food, that has become at the same time a positive factor for not only promotion of health, but also a source of discomfort and malaise.

Contemporary culture is increasingly sensitive to the close relationship between health and lifestyles and considers the power as one of the most important links in this dynamic adaptive between social models and the positive voltage with which the individual seeks to gather with each chapter gives practical advice on how to build the dietary pattern for different physiological conditions.

Proper nutrition, of course, must be inserted in the context of a broader balance, which, next to education for the health and wellbeing of young people, and seen in a closeup exercise the contemporary society has to understand self-care and overcome laziness in the simplest gestures.

In this sense the paradoxes typical of our time on the one hand plays an important role as an indispensable complement in the treatment of many diseases, but in other respects the common knowledge around the diet evokes a magical knowledge, which promises great results in complete absence of objective evidence.

We all try to feed ourselves in a healthy way, but we are often not informed enough about the properties of the food, the pitfalls of a food and the extraordinary healing potential that a targeted diet can have in many diseases. This handbook of nutrition is the definitive text to have a definite answer to these questions and take over in a few weeks a state of well-being that will surprise you.

The handbook will show you, with a simple but rigorous language, so as to build the healthiest and balanced diet for you, your children and your family and you will be updated on the most reliable scientific discoveries on foods that improve your efficiency, as also you will know, the real pitfalls of some popular foods. While shopping next time, you'll know what to put in the cart to boost immunity, prevent slow aging and diseases.

The manual will show you foods that can assist in the healing of dozens of diseases devoted to nutritional advice for children, adolescents and the elderly. With this manual of family nutrition it will ensure an irreplaceable guide to your daily food choices, a text that cannot miss in your home.

This handbook of family nutrition, provides all the information needed to ensure a supply of nutrients ideal in order to maintain the best condition of health and explains
what actually balanced diet means, ways to strengthen the immune system, improve fitness and energy levels, prevent common diseases while promoting good health, improving physical efficiency and detoxifying the body.

All of us while we shop, cook and eat, are often not sufficiently informed about the properties of foods and their extraordinary effectiveness in preventing and treating the most common ailments. Similarly, there are foods that should be avoided in the presence of certain diseases. The book allows the reader to identify the essential nutrients in relation to their health and lifestyle. With these data, and following the simple directions of the author, everyone can define a custom integration program that will produce tangible and lasting results.

The book deals with issues related to proper nutrition, avoiding unnecessary technicalities to illustrate simply the rules of healthy eating and shows how nutrition affects the health, affecting not only the general welfare of the body, but also the mood, also helping us to cope better with stress and nutrients that are essential to fulfil the functions of the body, increasing resistance to infection and diseases.

This book is a guide that explains how proper nutrition meets the needs of the organism, which vary according to age and lifestyle and many modern diseases, are in fact related to the attitude towards food and the way we eat. The book is suitable not only for those who want to control their weight, but also to those who want to achieve a state of physical well-being and preventing diseases and disorders.

It’s a really fantastic book in every sense. Written in a simple and very readable style, despite being very thorough, provides a comprehensive overview on the world of food and, in particular, guide the reader towards the path of optimal nutrition and what a body can benefit from a better food style with small steps can bring huge benefits.

With rich, user-friendly and very helpful content, the author addresses the essential role of food in the prevention and treatment of various diseases with everything you have ever wanted to know about nutrition and never dared to ask. A good useful and comprehensive guide that analyzes all aspects of nutrition and the nutritional needs of each age group with many practical tips to achieve a healthy diet and to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of foods in order to improve our health.

The book will help you rediscover the pleasure of eating and living healthy. Basically we are what we eat and what we do.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 240 ♥ Publisher: Lynne Dorner | Aware of This? ♥ Published: November 23, 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-0990915577