Acne: What It is and How You Can Fight It

If you belong to my generation, or in your pre-adolescence have witnessed the incredible growth of the Internet, I'm sure that at least once in your life you Googled something like pimple remedies. I know it is so, I did it myself and I am not ashamed they were hard times.

A few years back, after a sudden decision, I went with my girlfriend to the sea in a protected oasis. Needless to say, there was a full house, but being away from home was all the people who did not know each other. It also goes without saying that all the guys had the perfect skin, smooth and tanned as ebony, bright and uniform with the girls getting entranced in their handsome splendor, hugging, dancing and cuddling each other.

I looked with despair. Then with an extreme effort, I took off my regular clothes and I was in my Bermudas, walking among the people with my stained face full of bruises. It was tough, but that day I decided to give a damn, clearly thinking that whatever they thought would not have the slightest impact on my life. It is different if I went to the beach with people I know.

I felt so bad and embarrassed when I had only scars and nothing else, and I could not stand the gaze of others especially the girls, with my girlfriend too blushing in disgust at the starry look at her possibly for choosing a boyfriend like me. Those annoying blemishes are really a problem with those ugly pimples. I was ashamed to show my face to the girls in front of other guys. I was ashamed to find myself sitting in front of someone face to face.

They say my face looked like a nerd and I could not live without thinking about what people think of that popped pimple on the cheek or on the chin, or forehead! Perhaps I was not the problem, it is how, haunted by the myth of the perfection, which makes you feel the problem with girls often avoiding a caress or a kiss on the cheek or, in the past, the teasing looks of disgust or pain in eyes of others, even of my relatives, who told me that I look like a monster, and never touched my skin.

The slavery of not being able to leave the house without layers of talcum powder to hide the same and envying the friends for them just appearing natural and enjoying the beach with their girlfriends without thinking, and whereas I had to show the way I was, and even after doing a thousand things before I left the house, it was never enough, and I was already tired before the day had begun and the emotion I felt when I saw my friends less sensitive and intelligent did not make it a problem with the girls, and I simply felt embarrassing to show my true face.

Now I’m certain now that the acne problem has much improved after using Garnier Pure Active Neem and I do not care enough even to the point of going out sometimes without applying anything in my face, but I have to spit in the face of the idiots who still whisper to each other when they see me. Recently two girls in a tram that I have looked long were talking in a low voice of the skin problems and needless to say, I responded in kind.

I still think the only possible cure for acne is the acceptance of oneself by others; I think only the love can heal, then most of the creams, acids or whatever. Now to my great surprise even my longtime girlfriend fill me with cuddles, of kissing me even on CHEEKS, as if she does not care about my scars, my black points of my acne.

It is from this experience I have learned not to give too much weight to the disgusted glances and bad words of the people who does not understand the problem. Who are they to make judgments and what right they have to throw down like that? No One!

And I learned to love myself more, that if someone truly loves you, there must be a reason, and it will not be an imperfection of the skin or the body to change her mind. I definitely feel a peace in my mind and confidence when I look in the mirror and am much more serene and at peace with myself.