Travel with Children best tips for a trip

What would you like to do in a vacation with your family? Sun, sand and sea on a beach, or a walk among the wild animals in one of the safari parks, or a vacation on the move, but relaxed, in the hills, here are some ideas to plan a vacation with your children.

When you travel by air or train or bus do not leave to chance the allocation of seats. Ask to have at least two contiguous seats to avoid dangerous movements of children from one row to another. If you travel with newborn babies, offer them a bottle at the time of takeoff and landing. The sucking motion will ensure that they will not have that annoying pain in the ears that makes them so much screaming. For the older children the candies will do, to suck that typically.

Always check everything. For example, if you book at Disney kinds of resort do not think that because it's all Disney it will definitely suitable for children. Get informed on the details and do not be afraid of sounding overly apprehensive. With children do not mess! If you can, choose a hotel near a park. After a day spent visiting sites, children can run around a bit in freedom while you adults will enjoy a bit of calmness.

Turn their interest before going to any place. Talk about places you visit, the characters who lived in a given place and their stories. Nowadays fortunately there are lots of guides made just for children, full of photos and appealing illustrations. In addition to the guides could be interesting also little books on historical characters you meet on the road. And once you arrive on site, they will be happy and excited when they visit the places where they lived their new heroes.

Prepare together albums which you can show to kids every day. Bring cases with scissors, glue and colours. At the end of the day your little ones are sure to crop the images from holiday brochures of the places you visited and on their album. I will also do more artistic designs and the children who go to school already can write their impressions.

Do not forget to put in your bag heaps of snacks and drinks to have them always at hand, even if moving on a short car trip or a visit to the city zoo. Do not forget to carry their favourite game even though it maybe a big Teddy.

Ok, let's face it the children, at least from a certain age on, do not like museums. Do not expect the kids to have fun in places like museums, exhibitions or events that are not specifically designed for them. However do not despair, with some forethought, you can be able to put a couple of museums also in your vacation with little children in tow. Sure it takes a lot of patience and planning, but it is not impossible.

Visit one attraction per day and for a short time, but choose one section and especially prepared for children to the masterpieces that you will see. Buy a mini guide, if possible for children full of illustrations and drawings to complete, to explain words within their reach the masterpieces on display. You can also organize a small treasure hunt.

Choose the right place a quirky modern art museum instead of the one on the relics of the past era. If you lack ideas, comb through a bit on the internet. You may find that there is a museum that collects dog collars, one that collects hats, one dedicated to the mills of salt and pepper. I mean, surely you could find something that tickles the imagination of your little kids.

Select for example, five paintings or works of art that can somehow catch the fancy of your children and let them find them. You will see how impassionate they become. Do not forget the old wise rule to set a meeting point if you get lost in a very busy place. Often the museum shop is also an interesting place to buy useful and beautiful gifts for your kids.

Involve children in the game of the little detective travellers asking them to point out all that is different from what they are used to at home. Also, if you are travelling outside India with your child carry a small calculator to do conversions in local currency and vice versa. The kids will have a blast!

And if none of these strategies work, you can always fall back on the cafe. Everything seems better than what is in front of a cup of chocolate or an ice cream with whipped cream, right? Talk passionately about the local cuisine with your kids. Speak to them with enthusiasm of the specialties that taste all together and then collect the recipes. You will see your enthusiasm will be contagious! And maybe they can be convinced to support another round in the museum.

It is true that since the little children appeared in your life, you had to change your travel style. With a little bit of organization and planning and lowering a bit the bar of expectations, you would be able to organize splendid and unforgettable holiday for family with kids. Their dreams will come true and everything will be a source of wonder and magic in their eyes.