Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review: The Mouse Charmers: Digital Pioneers of India

The Mouse Charmers: Digital Pioneers of India by Anuradha Goyal discusses in detail the activities of the creation of strategic online presence of well-known brands, like Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Zomato, Shaadi, IndiBlogger, their success stories and includes a number of case studies of online strategies and activities carried out in various contexts.

In the following pages, you will learn the strategies rebels using the best of the internet through online businesses who not only established their brands which are household names today but also made people's lives easier who can get anything at the click of their fingertips in the Mouse.

After presenting a large number of case studies and an overview of the changes taking place, the author offers a set of principles and pragmatic rules that will be valuable to businesses and their advisers to properly set the storytelling brand new platforms online.

The traditional companies, however, have to deeply remodel their roles in this onslaught as in this age the concept of brick and mortar stores is running out even for pre-established brands as online consumers are becoming less interested in conventional shopping and want to be involved in new forms of buying experience.

The basic assumption is that in the new world of online businesses characterized by freedom of choice, dialogue, and participation, the consumers retain all their power and storytelling brand has new opportunities to inspire consumers.

There are thousands of books on business but this book is for wannabe entrepreneurs
in a world affected by high unemployment and an economy that needs to retrieve new jobs, with those who want rather a more trouble free solution. After finishing academic life many think about government jobs or help, but it is becoming obvious that today governments cannot create the real work.

The truth is that few know that only a group of people can bring our world to prosperity that is the farsighted entrepreneurs, and they have the ultimate Midas Touch who can create more jobs, and more prosperity for more people, and are the ones who win. They are entrepreneurs with the Midas Touch.

Thanks to the development of the Internet and new devices such as tablets and smartphones, today the business of online sales has a turnover of several billion dollars per year and is growing. This business is one of the most profitable because the production, shipping, packaging costs, personnel, physical facilities required are very low, so each sale has a very high return on investment. You also do not have to sacrifice your time within the sales process because everything is automated.

All that will read in this book is something’s you do not learn in school or university, nor is the secrets never revealed before, but the basic steps reworked according to a precise logic by the author, that will help you achieve the goal by finding inspiration from those who have already made it big with the.

Today for new businesses to be present on the web is no longer a choice but has become an obligation, because the web speaks of manifold topics, brands, campaigns, and experiences, and this regardless of whether traditional businesses like it or not and is also an activity that also generated thousands of jobs. Today there are thousands of courier agencies that until a few years ago did not exist who employ hundreds of people and, perhaps, you also want to become one of them or simply want to create a unique online event.

The book of this kind could only be a good book and is full of examples from the true stories after the explosive development of the web and social media that is upsetting many certainties with the speed of change is such, so as to leave behind not only many business managers but also many analysts perplexed.

The book intervenes precisely in this field, focusing on a dimension of brand communication that is the thread of the argument storytelling, or better, given the context, the web storytelling. In other words, the art and practice of developing content for the brand communication on the web that has symbolic depth, narrative value and ability to appeal to the imagination of the public.

The move to online business, in short, is a true paradigm shift that requires new ways of thinking and in this perspective, after presenting a picture of the changes taking place, some theoretical considerations and a wide range of case studies, the author offers a set of principles and pragmatic rules that can be extremely valuable to new entrepreneurs wanting to create new platforms online.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 344 ♥ Publisher: Random House India ♥ Published: April 2014 ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8184004922