Book Review: Mind & Heart Speak Words: Trishna Damodar

Mind & Heart Speak Words, Volume II by Trishna Damodar is the diary of the author and her way of living, thinking and making love who through poems and imagery speaks of love from the heart and sensations that change, on the one hand, or remain unchanged, on the other.

In this book, you feel that the author speaks with all the love and all the desire to communicate her thoughts on the greatest feeling you can try and does so with incredible authenticity, with heady verses, that will leave you amazed, as you can empathize with them.

The poetry book belongs at the bottom of each of us, as we do not want to forget that memory, that though painful part of our existence with the anthology therefore like any self-respecting path has a common thread and a big bang exploded in the soul that departs from a specific time with every word read resonate deep as already known and yet it seems to plant a seed to a luxuriant growth of becoming in a continuous opportunity for a richer intimate and personal vision.

The poetry collection with a simple flow of words tells the authors inner life to the readers, who will live at her side as they embark on the path, accepting the memories of the poet with the poems are universal, which everyone can grasp the meanings in the verses that are closest to their own experience and sensitivity, and the verses find the right path to reach the reader.

Despite the pain experienced, the result of heartbreak, misunderstandings and absorbed by the existence of suffering, the author tries to overcome her inner torment and rediscover the passion and the desire to reach out to a new romance where there is respect, affection and the interest is tangible to rediscover the meaning of things, the simplicity of the gestures that show love and to have regard for the people around us, that's what it takes in the poems.

The book attempts to show the need to abandon the human dream, to reach heights that seem inaccessible where everyone feels the need to leave behind the fear and the coldness of the winter, to tend to the light and beauty and love is this distant light, that even though you feel melancholic and poignant.

The author manages to blend very well the classic with the modern, carefully choosing words to describe her world with the poet looks existence not as an individual, but starting from the group to tell the social order the desire to go further, to cross, to get in touch, not to settle, but to overcome, and to face the problems of our time that must be addressed, and this is what the reader can grasp in the book.

In this work there are words and thoughts for every event and for every person who has suffered pain, a loss, but has also experienced a revival thanks to his strength and help of those who made it with hopes to those who are still in the search whose soul is not content with what he has, but needs to get out of the shell, to take the path that seems the fairest and needs to escape to truly live, rise above a weakened and fragile mind to find the most suitable place to its existence.

The book can be interpreted from different points of view and this possibility depends on its use that the reader makes of reason and feelings to approach the poems.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 103 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: 24 September 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535206