Book Review: Hooked, Lined & Single: Rashmi Kumar

Hooked, Lined & Single, by Rashmi Kumar a poignant ode to the magic of words and the power of a woman so great as to overcome time and distance is not a fairy tale but the story of a battle of a woman in her 30s, in a country where women are often defenceless slaves, has been able to fight with the heart and the courage of a lion in quest for her Mr. Perfect which makes it so rich inwardly as incomprehensible to the other half of the sky.

The book talks about the status of a women in society, a topic always very current that leads us to reflect on whether, how and what this condition is, today, really changed and with a clear voice, strong and distinct to affirm the importance of being a woman this is the book of the protagonist Alafia Singh, a young intelligent and promising woman who is not afraid to play and keep escaping from the set reality and rebels against the society in a country where more than half of the brides are girls are in their teens, but Alafia has found the courage to say no in a hostile environment.

Alafia is emotional unlike any other woman, and has those weird imperfections that makes her so hypersensitive, complicated, but combined, with her most beautiful smile, she is the also the most effective seductress for hapless men. She is carefree, and overcomes many jealous, domineering men in her desperate search for love. It counts much and changes the way you live the journey the presence of those who decide to follow along the path, as well as changes the feeling you get by having beside those you choose to deal with a new experience.

At one hand this book will provoked in you mixed feelings on one hand the anger and outrage at the situation of women so well narrated by the author, and on the other compassion and understanding for what happened and although the book is about a woman, even men, can give a go maybe to understand something about women.

The constant psychological pressure that Alafia is subjected for a long time is certainly the main theme of the book which consists of alternating phases closely linked with the fragile psyche of a woman in a country where most women do not have nothing to do because they are almost always locked in the house or are in the company of other women.

The words are written with a style and language that appears relevant and understandable and recounts Alafia’s existence, standing against the ignorance and prejudice of men, who for so long have deprived the awareness of itself through her life often with bitter memories, but intensely lived between love, passion, travel and men.

The fluid narrative flows fast, and is very addictive that is a clear statement of the law that the woman has to be such and to affirm their identity regardless of them being a wife or a mother and will really moved you and remind you of what was, and what is still, in some parts of the world, the situation of women who, try to be self-dependent and decide their own life.

The writer reminds us with humour and simplicity a great truth that women should never forget and postpone the dreams that they have in their heart, while settling for a prince, in anticipation that they will help realize them, but should step out and live life to the full and experience the wonders that life offers everyday.

All the colours in Alafia is defined in various shades and countless nuances in which the author has packed with care and love a good story, of her times and distant places, that is addictive thanks to the play of time and space in which the sugar is there, but is tempered with a generous sprinkle of humour and suspense.

The book is stimulating, well accompanied by the refinement of lexical choice and incisive environments that stimulate the imagination and curiosity interwoven with grace and narrated from unusual points of view that help to shed light on the complexity of the characters, which reserve emotions and surprises until the last pages.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors ♥ Type: Fiction ♥ Pages: 200 ♥ Published: November 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 9789382665298 ♥ Binding: Paperback