Book Review: The Broken Cloud: Sridatta Gupta

The Broken Cloud, by Sridatta Gupta is a journey through words and landscapes with the poems draw well in the mind of the reader characteristic views, characters who are soul of places so reading becomes a walk in the most poignant collection, which in addition, skilfully probe the minds of the protagonists of the various poems, combining the technique of writing with that of painting.

It is a small book of poetry, actually contains forty four verses that makes us relive through the authors pen the emotions felt by her as she saw with her own eyes the various views of the life around her, full of landscapes and emotions, and is a unique journey made with the poet where you can feel the aroma.

A text not to be missed and to be read slowly to enjoy with all the melancholic moments described on the edge of the exploration of the self, on the border between unconscious and life lived, and unravel the verses of this anthology that explores intimately the mind of the author.

The verses are dedicated to themselves, to places, to your loved ones, blank verse and felt that you read with pleasure. You would be pleasantly impressed by the overall quality of this anthology and in truth the qualities are more than one and, first of all, the extraordinary comprehensibility is the result of emotional states or reflections that certainly are not easy.

In my opinion this is the way poetry should go today, to be appreciated by more and finally even to perpetuate the authentic and original nature, which over time and especially in recent years has debased compositions in prose, often incomprehensible and however, make it difficult, if not impossible, the approach of the reader.

What's better is the verses slide in a balanced and harmonious way to entice the reader to the eternal search for an after is well expressed, in a sense of loneliness that is for one who has lost a loved one. The themes are varied and can often lie beneath verses that maybe introduce in a season, a commitment, and even painful throbbing in the heart.

We see the pain that touches us close, but farther do not realize it and so it is natural to imagine that the derelicts of the planet are consumed in the most serious of sins of indifference. It’s impossible to not to talk about all these beautiful poems, but one, the feelings are so strong, it is fair to say that they are a little more than words and they are all beautiful, with the memory of a time on a more human scale, as opposed to the current frenzy, and that is why savour each verse like nectar.

Yes, the new era began from the city, where life was different and never looked at the campaign, considered almost a trivial accessory and was still far off the era of crazy overbuilding, the urban centres with their tentacles stifle the campaign and the innocence was not only of children, but of a civilization, next to be replaced, who did not know the myth of the money for the money, which was content with what little was and could breathe in the fragrant air of the meadows, not those poisonous gas that now infect and makes everyone sick.

Read this collection, because then you will read the poems, the one with a capital P, the one that goes to the heart and soothes, what, when so, it's art.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 65 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: August 2014
♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535152