Book Review: Breach: Amrita Chowdhury

Breach by Amrita Chowdhury is not a book but is a journey that whisks you away to the moment till you arrive at the fateful last page with the facts follow one another at a suffocating pace and every time manages to surprise and creep into your mind a different flow of the entire story where you find a whole world pitted gradually suddenly get to the last page, as the book ends and everything seems so clear with you and your journey ends there.

Weeks ahead of Acel getting all set to file the global patent claim for Colare, a wonder drug for pancreatic cancer, the research information stored at its offshore data centre in Mumbai go haywire and Dr. Udai Vir Dhingra, the multidimensional magnetic, Ivy-educated youthful head of its Indian business, gets answerable and with him, the reader is catapulted into cyberspace in which the rules are written by the power of information, however and wherever recovered.

Swept into a obscure globe of shrouded online identities along with muddied digital trails, this thriller includes a compelling series of stories that intersect with each other, characterized by the presence of a single protagonist Vir who gives the idea of a character who aspires to a decent everyday, but discovers that nothing is trouble-free or apparent, and everything has a cost.

Battling market pressures, media leaks, furious American bosses in addition to disintegrating relationships, Vir have got to hit upon the actual perpetrators or witness his profession and his existence spiral downwards with strong colors, which involves and upsets the reader.

The pages of this exciting book can be read quickly and follow the rhythm of the race of the protagonist through the streets of Mumbai, Washington DC and Suzhou, in an online meets offline escapade of cyber threats and IP surveillance, drug research along with medical principles, edgy relationships and lost love, cynicism and despondency, that explores the dark sides of the world of new technologies.

Reading this thriller, however, is even more valuable to the arguments of the background on one side right and justice, while computer science, digital investigations on the other. Precisely these arguments, which represent the core of professional activity referred, the author addresses the text with the lightness required to make a smooth reading, albeit never trivial or superficial.

When you read the book, a deep and profound sense of unease will accompany you from the first page and when you close the book you cannot help but look around with the right suspicion of not being safe, to feel spied upon with this tasty thriller deserves to be read thoroughly, apparently innocent, as you penetrate with the right hardness and concrete in a sort of parallel universe with characters and disturbing reality as the elusive Vir will encounter from the first page.

The book has an intense pace than in 350 odd pages never falls, without being restricted to a detective and suspense plot that is cleverly written, so as to leave the door open continuously to a new curiosity to meet with the voracious reader, staging the macabre rituals capable of going beyond the hidden patterns of crime in which almost nothing is as it seems.

Creating a well plotted rich texture and woven with an unconventional plot and a tight rhythm the book reaches a enjoyable peak and has a tendency to plunge the reader into gorges of catatonic interest, especially with regard to the fate of the protagonist with the atmosphere and undoubtedly fascinating twists that leaves you on your toes until the last page.

In addition to the issues that is stimulating, the novel is also innovative for the language, which of course affected by new words and expressions that will impress even the most sophisticated readers and fans of medical thrillers.

The content is amazing and the story is very intriguing until the last chapters
with an absolutely commendable ability of the author to fascinate the reader with the smoothness of the narrative structured on two tracks one of the protagonist and the antagonists while the compelling and engaging narrative proceeds alternating on the events of both, that has a certain rhythm and end reads with a certain speed.

The intricate characters are well distinguished between good and bad, outlined with rich and precise details, while others are elusive or caricatured, where darkness prevails along the pristine landscapes that trap you and you cannot stop reading because you want to see how it ends as the possibilities are insinuated as doubts in the mind of the reader, who wants to have the confirmation of their hypothesis.

An unexpected ending that illuminates the shadows that is most disturbing and sadly true of the human soul, the characters, in addition to the main characters, are many and all interesting who are well defined with their personal stories intersect with the story in the right measure.

Simply complex, the authors writing and descriptive ability to detail its point is the strength, which draws the reader's attention to the indisputable peculiarities, proposing to limit the obvious evident conclusions, at least until the next paragraph, where the previous certainties are called into play as the author plays with the disorienting characters without hiding anything to the reader.

As expected for thrillers, the work presents an ingenious and remarkably acute fast-paced fluent reading, where each clue is presented artfully inserted and leads to a character to lead to an idea and immediately take it apart, and so on, a nagging sense of timing that surprises continually creeping into the mind of the reader a conclusion different each time, up to a final where impossible becomes possible.

A book so intricate but simple at the same time that the end of the book leaves the reader dismayed, that captivates and transports you on a journey along pages extraordinarily intriguing, freeing the reader only at the end.

ISBN-13: 9789350098554 ♥ Publisher: Hachette India ♥ Language: ENGLISH ♥ Published: December, 2014 ♥ Format: PAPERBACK ♥ Pages: 352