Book Review: Blame It on Destiny: Soorina Desai

Blame It on Destiny by Soorina Desai is an eternal flashback that tells the stories of five strangers so different from each other but through most heartrending events of life ends up together as if the world was nothing but a small piece of land in which it is easy to come across someone and elsewhere perhaps it would be enough to focus on a few small events to really understand the story.

This is the story, the lives of five strangers who come from different places have different experiences behind them, but they are united having woven, in one way or another, their lives with a troubled counsellor who is wedged in a sadistic love triangle, a sculptress looking for an imperceptible God, a medium for spirits who desires to be loved, a real estate broker who strives to be a good son along with a essayist penning an exciting plot are who never come head to head but persuade one another’s lives in a comportment which alters their state of affairs.

The central character finds herself being questioned in relation to the capriciousness of existence that compels her to walk around the leeway of a individual connection among existence and the proceedings that silhouette it in an intricately woven maze of human behaviour that decide ones upcoming or destiny. The big ones. The ones like a storm, when it begins to blow overwhelm countries, cities, and disrupt windows, squares, streets and lives and leaves behind only shreds, just like pieces of torn paper and envelopes.

The characters are well characterized, their feelings, their relationships, dotted with care and depth with the ending will leave you breathless and speechless that will remain in the minds and hearts of readers for a long long time as it is easy to identify with all of these characters with your heart beating with emotions, fears and expectations who are sometimes fascinating, sometimes romantic, sometimes mysterious and scary, but left the door open just enough for speculation and doubts.

The writing style is modern but simple with the writer tell stories that intertwine carried out by different points of view and sets the narrative in different locations to create suspense, and let us in the lives of different characters, to give movement to the novel with the result is a novel that for style, content and depth does not, have the frivolous superficiality of most novels.

Its a full-bodied and deep novel with the topics are interesting with the sudden changes of points of view and jumps in time is smooth with an intriguing plot and the right amount of twists, rich characters, divided into six sections that analyzes the psychology of the characters through their vicissitudes with the style is unmistakable with a richly detailed story, told through various points of view, who are different temperamentally, physically, origins and lived but at the same time have something in common.

The real strength of this book, after all, is the attempt to seize an uncomfortable subject of life, its hardships, the perversions in different places, conflicting, distant from each other, as slowly the story thicken and come out of hiding the true identity of these characters, with their fragility and their values that intersect at the end to determine the end of the story, with a result perhaps of greatest emotional impact.

This book will overwhelm you, and would prick those strings inside you that create anxiety and restlessness as it offers us an excerpt of reality, with the rawness, the anguish, frustration, indifference, pain and violence that only real life is able to spit in your face with the continuous alternation of the various characters who speak each from its own point of view and making reading slightly heavy.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 446 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: October 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384226817