Relationship Tips for a truly happy love life

A couple's relationship is the main way to grow and experience karma useful to return to the centre of life that leads the couple to take on the forms and situations best suited to the realization of this great miracle of evolution. Physical contact, touch and sensuality is one of nonverbal behaviours that is more direct, instinctive and important in a relationship. The physical contact between people has the ability to trigger thin and very powerful physiological reactions.

Beyond the moral component of the physical relationship, it is interesting to consider how thin the exchange between people who share the same awareness, is the main engine to reach very high peaks. It is not necessarily the act of sex or genital per se that has this task.

Sometimes the touch of a finger, a hand, can trigger a number of processes, which originate from the auric field to reach the cells of each secondarily apparatus. In ancient times it was aware of these teachings, over the millennia; various techniques have been used to harmonize the psychophysical, through massage therapy or the touch of hands.

This great knowledge today was lost behind the mystification of the sexual end in itself, to contact between people as a vehicle of evil. A feeling of pure love is independent of sexuality and low energies, and is a vehicle of great expansion and awareness.

Today rediscover the power of a hug, with a healthy touch and a caress, has much more positive than the effects of any medicine or magic bullet. Obviously, a couple would want total emancipation and estrangement, so as to divert the natural human impulsive nature. For this arise, issues related to abuse and harassment of any kind.

When the touch of a hand is pure, the hand becomes the ambassador of healing that takes place through the light of the creator and our tool to embody the principles of life. The sublimation of sexual energy, the animal component linked to lower energy centres, can be reached with love and sharing, can achieve complete separation from physicality, when all this energy begins to flow in the space of the heart.

A couple's relationship, if animated by a divine concept of sharing can really be a springboard to greater integration, and can be the engine that powers our thin bodies to the highest, to transform the instincts into pure light and love.