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That's the journey of life, going around India and stopping where beauty calls. Typically the highest expense item when organizing a trip is occupied by the cost of the flight. Lufthansa is ready to impose itself on the future scene of the Indian aviation industry in order to meet the ever increasing demand for air travel, while promoting air travel faster, sustainable and cost effective on the A380, the largest commercial aircraft that will be destined to revolutionize our travels.

Today, the Indian tourism sector proves to possess a huge potential in terms of innovation. Involving a wide range of businesses, this area boasts a huge market in the general aviation sector internationally and in the market for air travel excluding private jets and light sport aircraft.

After the boom of a few years ago, today many airlines are in a phase of stalemate, although should collect more acclaim. Lufthansa is prepared in order to meet the challenge of creating a new mode of air travel capable of integrating the existing system aimed at travellers necessary for the achievement of objectives in the regulatory, safety, environmental, operational and economic areas.

Through this initiative, Lufthansa wishes to ensure the satisfaction of the needs in terms of transport in regions with underdeveloped networks, and the promotion of regional development as you can save considerably on air transport using low cost, attained through economies of scale.

Taking a cheaper flight saves considerably on rates of air travel compared to the traditional flight companies whose philosophy is to provide its customers with only the essential service of aviation, without those extras and conveniences, but for long haul flights which are extremely necessary.

An extra tip for travellers is it should be clear about the goal of the trip, after which you get just the cheapest deal you must make your reservation, always on line on the web. Pay attention to the dates you plan to travel as holiday periods, during the summer holidays or in some weekend flights are not always cheap. Also always be sure not to have to change the date or names of people as changes in flight often entail higher costs of the ticket itself.

Well, the weather will be beautiful everywhere. Then choose the best time according to the destinations that interest you. If you plan a trek in the Himalayas, do not choose at the height of the monsoon. If you want to swim with the fishes in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, go there between April and July.

Basically it has its advantages. In the rainy season, for example, Northern India will turn green and in general, the cities can be explored throughout the year from hot and cold extremes you can find refuge in museums and coffee shops. For outdoor adventures, however, you need the cooperation of the climate.

What can help in this great undertaking travel? First, ask for advice from those who have already done the itinerary, you have in mind might be good, but those with experience will indicate you the best routes to the lower price. Exchanging a few words can bring huge benefits. And finally Lufthansa is there for assistance in all your travel needs and to make it easy on your pocket too.