Book Review: The Second Coming: Scott Pinsker

The Second Coming: A Love Story, by Scott Pinsker is a diabolical plot, concocted with a wealth of artistic historical detail, and fantasy that make it a founding father of those novels that mix cleverly characters and events that actually happened to inventions of the imagination in a real riot perfectly mixed history of art, Christianity, science, esotericism, money, occult powers so well built that it seems plausible.

The ethnicity war between Red America and Blue America turns appallingly existent when two self-stated men come out on earth and assert to be the second coming of Christ with each allege the other is Satan in disguise save for only one is telling the truth.

The first messiah draws legions of broad-minded as well as worldly progressive supporters with his point of New Age brotherhood, rapidly developing into the dearest of the left, while the second messiah sermonizes fire-and-brimstone conventional Christianity, achieving a proletarian throng of old school parishioners prepared to mêlée to the death.

The voluminous plot is convoluted but leaves nothing to chance and the plot twists make it attractive in every sense that is separated from a lot of other heavy historical and artistic thrillers which, unfortunately, cannot inherit the genius and is an enjoyable book where you can really judge the novel like the pseudo-truth contained in the message of an apocalyptic storyline that triggers in a district in a blatantly provocative thriller.

The characters are well defined and balanced in a set of forces of good and evil beyond the reasoning of the reader, mingling in a cauldron of mythology and religion, where the ultimate goal is the dissolution of a necessary suffocating, imperious node and it's impossible to stop reading one chapter after another, so the intensity of the story unfolds with a series of twists and turns, at the limit of the incredible mysteries and revelations of millennial in which we were born and raised, but to which we never make the case.

The novel is so well thought out that they could die one by one all the players still pushing us to read, free from hatred and moved by an almost ancestral curiosity. And, although obviously illusory, the enigma of the bottom pushes deep reflections, or at least to keep the nose straight before the mastery of the author.

This book should be taken for what it is. A novel with the action scenes that are well articulated and the dialogues are very moved by wires balances. If you read with this perspective is a good book and at times exciting. The narrative style is sufficient with the book as a thriller story can also go the ingredients are very valid intrigue, a rag of love story and the final twist that has stunned everyone.

A fantasy novel, not an essay, in which emerges the great author's ability to intersect actual events with total inventions and provide original interpretations to real situations all while maintaining a viable narrative capacity that ensures the continued interest of the reader. In short, not a masterpiece, as can hardly be books that sell millions of copies, but a book that is definitely worth reading.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 404 ♥ Published: June 2014 ♥ Publisher: Scott Pinsker Publishing ♥ ISBN: 9781500167219 ♥ Language: English