Book Review: A Hundred Lives for You: Abhisar Sharma

A Hundred Lives for You, by Abhisar Sharma is the book of the unexpected with the events and changes happen when you least expect it and is a book of suspense, where you can no longer support it as it is intriguing and the book in which love, betrayal, trust, friendship, despite being different themes, are intertwined with each other, creating a vortex that will upset the life of the protagonist.

The work begins with the record of the days in tumultuous Delhi around 1984 with the hypothesis is imaginative or maybe not where the author tells stories, major and minor, whose characters at the end unfortunately or fortunately intertwine all, in a climate of fear and courage, each with their own motivations sometimes dictated by ancient dormant aches, pains for other recent or those who simply for the only motivation that often moves the world that is power.

In the book there is a bit of everything from true chronicle of the events, political tensions that have been the leitmotif in those years, despotism, maximum oppression, and the student politics.

More than a book on why it happened what happened, the cold-blooded violence of ordinary civilians, in that cold winter of a brutal and vicious conflict that lasted for days, in the wake of the banality of evil, to execute in cold blood innocent children and women unable to fight, maybe born in the wrong place at the wrong time, to be accomplices of a history written by others, for others. And once the deed was done, the innocent were silenced forever, with no way to do justice.

This novel is a masterpiece for its timeliness is scary and from a stylistic point of view, is a pure masterpiece of prose masterfully written, that draws clear and sharp images in the imagination of the reader, who sees, hears and feels all the physical and moral feelings of the protagonist Abhimanyu Sharma who gets through, between the world of the book and the real world, and that tells of a world where fear, hatred, alienation and oppression are so strong that the feeling gets under the skin and does not leave you more.

A book really beautiful, full of ideas, both to reflect, and to try to understand and know the truth with the exaltation of the paradox itself where the reality has never been so much upside down, because two and two do not make four, but five. All live under the same sky, but that does not mean that man is the same as everyone else in a reality in which the comparison is strictly prohibited, the freedom to laugh, to think, to dream, to close your eyes for a moment, and to feel the emotions.

Human dignity must necessarily include the physical and moral freedom. The most dangerous thing is to get used to not be free men, accepting little by little, as a fact, that there be stolen our rights and someone from taking our mind and this is the key lesson that emerges from book which affects how the progressive impediments of others' minds encourages denunciations and acts particularly on children from increasingly sensitive to be moulded with the bonds of friendship, family love, brotherhood of mankind, everything vanishes in front of the fear and suspicion.

If the book has the merit of renewing unanswered questions, awkward because of conscience, it is a book, written for readers who do not know that, with the story described accurately but in a detached manner with an explicit choice of the author.

The book shows an interesting storyline with compelling characters, and ideas very close to the truth in a story that contains so much content on the power, violence, hatred and madness of man to be considered one of the books to be read at least once in an absolutely amazing book that makes very well the idea of oppression, and annihilation of a society that no longer has ways to escape.

A haunting novel, which disrupts deep that, must be assimilated slowly and that for this reason is a must-read book in which the rebellion and resistance of the individual are lost in the tide of approved, causing the reader to the state of anxiety from cover to cover.

A world in which reality does not exist, the story is written with the control actions become thought control, so it is not truer from what that are not, to the point of even doubting the veracity of his feelings. It’s a story that everyone should read, and then shop around and do not forget the importance of thoughts and bonding.

A well-written book that makes you think even after a long time this book, then, is certainly to be read, to understand the situations, without forgetting that any fantasy is rooted in reality and the contemporary situation is the result of a long continuum started long before.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 260 ♥ Publisher: Srishti Publishers ♥ Published: November 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9382665281