Book Review: The Fragile Heart: Ankit Jaiswal

The Fragile Heart, by Ankit Jaiswal is a novel that touches on various topics, all of which revolve around love, the change, the desire, growth, sexuality with the book tackle the theme of love showing it from a different perspective, showing and describing the hidden part which conditions and drive guilt, perhaps more cynical but undoubtedly present in life.

Jai, a high-spirited chap, puts his feelings out in an epistle to propose to the love of his life, Geeta, while in the high school in Kolkata, save for luck has chalk and cheese plans for him and finds out in reaction is a note which apparently heaves light on her sudden desertion.

Jai is devastated, his delicate mind is conked out into bits as those are the easier said than done years, in which there is a kind of internal upheaval, where he gets together new realities and approaches life in a different way, making new encounters and abandoning friendships that seemed eternal.

Nevertheless you know existence doesn't end for anyone and similar was the case with Jai with his world takes an eccentric twist when Riya, his junior, wallops into his life in college in Bangalore and she tries to fill up the emptiness, which he had endured for so long as they prevail over their restraints and get in a relationship.

However Jai bears the blunt of hard-hitting moments when he begins to work in Mumbai and finds again someone whom he never anticipated to meet up and from there sets in motion the doubts, the cravings, the desires to escape and finally the epilogue which is unexpected, and there is no doubt about it as an intense and overwhelming love burst in his life. In fact, the final emotional impact is not as devastating as you would expect by reading the plot.

The plot takes shape immediately, specifying on which dynamics will move the novel. There are skirmishes between a romantic boy confused and scared but who is not willing to give to the person who makes your heart beat with the plot per se promised more than good and had all the elements to create a compelling and beautiful book

At first glance the side that appeared most promising in this book was that romance, present from the very first page. The love story was sweet and it seemed to grow with the right breaks and the right times, with the style is simple, smooth and in relation to the writing it enchants you with words that slip on the sheets, and invites you to read more and more, in a simple way, to the end, to see the choices of others, to exchange and leave us to judge our way.

It's a quick read, nice and smooth with the author speak with simplicity of common themes and normal situations of stories around made of tacit agreements with ourselves that allow us to continue to live in certain circumstances, in the way that we think more just for ourselves.

Definitely well written, and never boring, with exciting dialogues and real characters the story and the characters was quite good, and you're going to feelings and emotions that are not exactly what you expect from a romance, much less from a book for young chaps.

However apart from the inconsistent attitude of the protagonist, the romance side of the story was good with a balanced narrative and the author is definitely a teacher in describing scenes of tension.

Overall, it is a sincere novel, with great impact, that does not hide behind any veil, but never exceeds, and tells of love gently, and shows us how many different types of bonds may exist between people with the author wants to show the phobias that still afflict society today and show us how we can love who we want and how we want.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 159 ♥ Published: January 2014 ♥ Published: Penpoint Publications ♥ ISBN13: 9788192877419 ♥ Language: English