Book Review: The Dreamer: Vivek Jain

The Dreamer, an unpredictable lover that couldn’t say anything by Vivek Jain deals with the complicated life of a chap who well knows not only the human soul with its pain and its despair, but also with its beats, its joys and its enormous creativity.

Upon entering the pages you can find out about Vivek, a chap with a slight logical bent of mind, who at all times makes an effort to carry out experimentations associated with an assortment of fields of science until at a school gathering, he gets together with a girl Shruti, who turns out to be his infatuation, his princess, his seraph spirit and the raison d'être for his being.

Vivek cascades in love with her at first sight dispensing over his whole existence into her hands and by some means, manages to talk to Shruti and then tags along an obsession with her with a madness that knows no end as to attest his affection for her, he designs a telescope to make an impression on her.

However four years afterwards, a heart-rending transformation of providence crosses the threshold in their verve as Shruti has a change of heart and refuses to even be acquainted with or recognize Vivek. The path of Vivek and Shruti is long and difficult, full of mixed feelings and difficulties, but it will come to a logical conclusion with great emotional strain.

The book is about the meaning of love, how you love, what you are capable of loving, in which each character, is paradigmatic of a certain way of feeling and use the heart with the description of the characters and situations are perfect with the author knows what he is talking and describes with meticulous care each particular state of mind of the protagonists.

Though apparently this seems like a fairly traditional love story, actually this is a psychological novel in which there are different kinds of love and all are described and analyzed with great care that’s is interesting, intelligent, attractive, engaging, with this beautiful analysis of love in the form of the novel cannot remain indifferent, and will lead us to profound reflections on the true meaning of life and love in their infinite variations.

The book with its style, and beautiful plot caught the desire to tell our modernism and inner feelings and genuinely deserves to be read to the end where the scenes run fast, rhythmic, with the right amount of words to describe all that is needed. The story is covalent and written so well that you cannot take your eyes from the pages.

A good book from the point of view of the story, smooth and well-written, the novel involves you without ever tiring, that is engaging and full of passion, where you can get immersed in a beautiful story from the strong to the famous feeling called love and what it entails to do it bloom including tormented sacrifices.

With great style, a true professional pen, this tale of love moves through the many characters described in the story and it does thanks to the wealth of details on every page, where the characters find themselves, with the author giving the book a good story, a story of vision and almost made it very real thanks to his imagination and his pen.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 217 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: February 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9383562817