Book Review: Bob's Gettysburg Saga & Poetry: D Everett Newell & Doug Hodges

Bob's Gettysburg Saga & Poetry, by D Everett Newell and Doug Hodges is a poetry collection that reveals cheerful elegiac feelings which are not chance explosions due to degeneration in the social order, save for on the other hand, are made livelier by sharp astuteness, striking emblems, reminiscent cadence along with opulent metaphors.

As a master of effortless and unswerving style forsaking the flamboyant and the pompous, these poems on paper with skilful effortlessness demonstrate supple state of emotions and thoughts with these poems have a firm predestined and ultimate felicity that is the true mark of outstanding ability in passion of sensitivity and intellectual clout.

The emotions bordering on the dunes of heart begin to dance and, in a melody of notes and sounds of the soul, they ask to listen to them that you feel a sweet thrill that makes you tremble hearing your being, your essence and you see the beauty that is in everything from nature, humans, music and the stars that govern the sky and its seasons.

In addition, to the simplicity and purity the book is a magnetic collection to read in one go from first to last with sensitivity of mind and purity of spirit are only two of the innumerable qualities which the authors demonstrates, masterfully managing to transmit and revive the reader the same emotions and feelings.

Smells, colours, words and sounds take shape as some poems seem to have therapeutic character before the despair and the sense of loss and helplessness that assails modern man, whose eyes, the mirror of his soul are no longer able to grasp the fair that lurks in every being around him with introspection echoes in a sea of verses that are lost in oblivion feelings and drops that awaken the deepest emotions of souls who rejoice real notes of life.

Not the complexity, but the simplicity of the verses, expressed in delicate shades, revive emotions and feelings related to daily life with a collection of fresh and crisp poems that simply note the celebration of nature and its mysteries and the spirit, which permeates and sustains everything.

The enjoyable and exciting poems interwoven into the love of life and nature and the deepest thoughts of the author express universal feelings and therefore appear to be open to a broad spectrum of readers that touches the mind of the reader with simple but poignant poems, denoting the sensitivity of mind of the authors with the beauty of nature and the feelings of the soul, are expressed in this book, with brief thoughts and simple words.

Nature and Spirit meet metaphysically, through the pages of this book with the simplicity of style and richness of content where you hear something moving inside reading the poems where you feel their soul screaming to ours, and heart beating between the lines of his poetry, where you can smell the tears and disgust and feel something alive with these poems are a kick in the face, that does not mince words, but are really nice.

Naked, direct, raw, no frills and false words, the poems in this book, make you realize that it is simply the reality, a mix of simplicity, passion, anger and uncomfortable living in the soul of the writers, that reflects the reality of many struggling with love and everyday life with a book full of sobering emotions.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 109 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: September 2014
♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535350