Book Review: And He Wanted Me Dead: Jasper

And He Wanted Me Dead, by Jasper is a fascinating crime and suspense story with a tale of allegiance, amity and sham, in which a brilliant investigating police officer has to get to the bottom of a succession of killings so as to catch the perpetrators and bring them to justice keeping his reputation unharmed in this fast paced crime novel.

Summer is at its peak when existence is turned upside for Raj forever, who is a sincere, toughened and conscientious cop whose commitment toward his work and obligation is exceptional in his flawless career record until now when his whole reputation is at stake as he is called in to probe an accident which appears like a road mishap but is not simply an accident and there is something further grisly to it.

Raj’s great imagination, combined with a deep sensitivity, lead him to develop a surreal reality, in which the world seems to always be filled with something liquid that expands and makes deformed images where all evaporates and turns to dust.

The more the inspector digs deeper to untie the reality, the more bewildered he becomes even though his investigation is immaculate, yet his frustrations mount sky high as it heads nowhere but as the crow flies into dead ends every time he thinks he has a concrete lead as also his individual life is already in a mess and he appreciates the silences and the dialogues with his mind, which are relentless, but never seems to be enough.

There are parallel realities with the raw killings that are taking place, with the complicity of the assassins, and the ability to rework the mourning, slow but inexorable, that happens in the mind of the inspector and now his professional life is also disintegrating right in front of his eyes as of this case and the mysteries which occur in his command and finds it difficult to interact with peers but at last suddenly, everything is clear.

Playing with the tradition of the adventure novel and engaging the imagination of readers, the author takes the reader along an unpredictable path to the discovery of its demons. With overwhelming passion, the book illuminates the mystery behind the killings where it is thus able to touch a territory, a gray area where each of us feel like the mystery is solved but there begins a new mystery.

After reading the plot you will be catapulted into a tangible reality, with frequent incursions that is an incredible experience, really unexpected and a shattering experience, almost unsettling with the gripping narration make it even more extraordinary.

An extraordinary fluidly well written novel, with a linear analysis of the characters the plot is original and captivating with the characters move gently while being immersed in their anxieties with the plot always acute and without rhetoric, never dull or predictable.

The authors’ description of the characters is very special with a story full of suspense with an unexpected ending, as well as the storyline since perfect and the mood and psychology of the characters will keep the reader hooked to their seats and culminates well towards the end when the author unwraps the mystery.

Through a simple prose, devoid of unnecessary descriptions, the author takes us through a spellbinding thriller with the dialogues are evocative, free of punctuation and deliberately unmarried at the right time, which knows no rules and no stops till the end.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 176 ♥ Publisher: Notion Press ♥ Published: September 2014
♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384391201