Kosha Pathar Mangsho and Gosht Ki Tahari Recipe

Kosha Pathar Mangsho Recipe - Bengali Mutton Curry


Mutton: 500 gm
Baby potatoes: 100 gm
Baby onion: 150 gm
Onion paste: 100 gm
Ginger paste: 50 gm
Fresh cream: 150 gm
Crushed black pepper: 15 gm
Ghee: 45 gm
Bay leaf: 2-3
Fennel: 10 gm


Marinate the mutton with fresh cream, crushed pepper, and salt and set it aside for about half an hour.


Peel the baby potatoes and onions. Heat the ghee in a heavy pan, saute the potatoes and then remove them. Saute the baby onions and remove.


Warm the ghee used for frying the onion and potatoes and add fennel and bay leaves to it. Once the spices start to splutter add the onion paste and cook till it turns golden. Now add the ginger paste and cook till the smell of raw ginger gives way to a delicious aroma. It is now time to add the marinated mutton. Remember to cook on a low heat. You may add water if you need to. Once the mutton is nearly done add the sauteed potatoes onions and crushed pepper. Cook for another 10 minutes. Serve with luchi or pulao.


Mutton/lamb cut into 50 gm per pieces: 1kg
Ginger paste: 1tablespoon
Onion paste: 1tablespoon
Cloves: 7-8
Garlic paste: 1tablespoon
Red chili paste: 1tablespoon
Turmeric powder: 2 tablespoon
Yellow mustard seed paste: 25 gm
Poppy seed (posto) paste
Mustard oil: 4 tablespoon
Ghee: ½ tablespoon
Garam masala powder: 1tsp
Sugar: to taste
Salt: to taste
Vinegar: 1 tablespoon
or plain curd beaten: 2 tablespoon
or tamarind pulp: 1 tablespoon


Warm oil till it is smoking. Now add the garlic paste, red chili paste, turmeric powder, ginger paste and onion paste and stir on a low flame till it turns light brown. Add the meat to the fried spices and stir for 10-15 minutes. As the aroma spreads through the house titillating the taste buds add the vinegar or beaten curd or tamarind pulp. Sprinkle little water and keep on stirring. Add sugar and salt to taste.When the meat becomes tender add the mixture of mustard paste and poppy seeds. Keep on cooking at low flame.When meat starts releasing oil, mix ghee with garam masala and gently pour into the cooked preparation. Serve with luchi, tandoori bread or Zarda pulao.

Hyderabadi Gosht Ki Tahari Recipe - Mutton Tahari


Meat: 2 kg
Long grained rice: 1kg
Onion: 250 gm
Egg (hard boiled): 3
Ginger: 100 gm
Garlic: 50 gm
Yoghurt: 100 gm
Onion (finely sliced): 250 gm
Green chilies: to taste
Nutmeg (grated) : ½ teaspoon
Mace: ½ teaspoon
Salt: to taste
Mustard oil
Hot water

Cut the meat into one and a half inch cubes. Make a paste of the onions, ginger and garlic. Mix it into the meat with yoghurt and salt to taste and marinate for half an hour. Fry the finely sliced onions crisp and brown and set aside. Heat 250 gms mustard oil in a pan.

Add the meat fry on medium heat till the natural juices are absorbed. Stir in four cups of hot water and allow the curry to come to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer till the meat is done and there is a thick gravy. Heat 250 gms mustard oil, add the rice and fry until it changes colour.

Add eight cups of warm water and bring to the boil. Stir and reduce the flame. Add rice and bring to the boil. Once the rice is cooked add the meat, green chilies, grated nutmeg and mace. Cook on a low flame until the rice absorbs all the liquid and the grains are quite separate. Serve on a flat dish, garnished with browned onions and thickly sliced hard boiled eggs.