Book Review: Wings of Courage: Sanjay Kumar

Wings of Courage by Sanjay Kumar is a leap into the exciting world of enchantment, wrapped in the coils of the intrigues, through the flames of love, on the wings of courage in a heart-rending anecdote of obsession and audacity, for without them, our impossible dreams may under no circumstances come true.

Do you know that sometimes the unspoken is more appealing, that is left to the imagination, and that is what is explained in some scenes. Also, sometimes, a caress, or only physical contact can have an erotic charge much higher than the act itself. However, you will be catapulted into a world very attractive and during a real conflict.

This is the story of Saksham, an intelligent youthful chap and his pursuit for a more humanitarian globe who finds courage to stride further than his self-imposed ineptness and start a fresh life and on his expedition, he meets a judicious truth-seeker who helps him work loose the complexities of today’s urbane human world, and a youthful stunning lady who rekindles his excitement for existence.

As the novel's protagonist Saksham marches forward, he must decide between the comfort of his love and guts to chase his dreams to instigate an assault against structured immorality. If he chooses the latter, he will need to espouse vicious ways to offset pink powers of malevolence and there will be no going back.

But during this descent Saksham will also make many discoveries; and there will be many things that will be revealed, including his own true nature and the mystery of the evils, that is why, once you get there, you will never again be able to go back Because of Saksham's own behavior, he will be transported to another world.

An intriguing story of magic, love, courage, intrigue, power, parallel worlds, nothing is missing in this novel, where things are different from what we know but where love is hot too. Some important issues are present in the story without weighing it down, even integrating well into the plot.

A nice full-bodied novel, the author will assure you hours of pure pleasure who only knows how to give a good read. The time has flown with him and this is a satisfaction that not all novels can give. The author creates beautiful scenes, action and romance.

The role of Saksham in the conflict, will guarantee you that the plot will not give you respite. The evils were far more capable of facing the challenges where the readers will anxiously await the result.

From the very beginning the reader will feel curiosity to understand why Saksham does not seem to be able to live in the world where it belongs, and this leads the reader to move forward, to devour the book page by page with the curiosity not only grow more and more but also feel the need to know, learn and understand!

Despite its 300 pages, it is one of those books that can be read in one breath, in a few days and once you get to eventually let the desire to be able to still have. There are many tense moments as are the action scenes so much that we rarely get bored and it is difficult to separate from the reading.
A light read, new and engaging, that is able to engage the reader from start to finish and especially to get to the end in the blink of an eye with a nice story, and, attention to detail, with characters very well defined, well delineated. There is a love story, but it bypasses the main plot of the novel, with a harmonious setting for it with the ending will surprise you.

In a dramatic turn of events, and the other, between old and new knowledge will come to the incredible conclusion of the story, that for once you will be really pleased!

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 322 ♥ Publisher: Notion Press ♥ Published: September 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384381936