Book Review: God is a Gamer: Ravi Subramanian

God Is a Gamer, by Ravi Subramanian is a globe where wealth means nothing, martyrs are villains, marauders are prey, murder is taught by the primeval Greeks and nothing is as it seems when you cross gamer, banker, lawmakers and radicals with virtual currency.

Aditya runs a gaming concern that is belligerent to get by while a banker slithers off a high-rise edifice, sinking to her fatality. The finance minister has made a few pledges that he is finding tough to keep while the LTTE has let loose panic in America that sends the FBI on a feral goose trail, bringing them to Mumbai.

Comes in Varun, proletarian drug dealer and whole-time whiz kid who turns around the gaming concern before the thumping debacle where in the meantime, the investigators pitch impulsively into the dappled globe of Bitcoins and the shadowy websites that merely are present for banned dealings, drugs, sex and money.

The novel has a prologue of great visual impact and in a thousand twists and turns, through a tight pace and the many puzzles reveals new mysteries ever to crack, in which Ravi Subramanian entangles us, with this great new narrative conclude in an astonishing culmination.

A totally unputdownable novel sliding, with a well-structured plot and a story of greed and redemption the novel manages to capture the attention from the start and runs off quickly, despite the three hundred pages that compose it. The fast-paced suspense expertly mingles with the action itself with the style dry and clean, but not sterile, that involves the reader.

The characters show a strong characterization and differentiation with motives of greed, which is the basis of the novel, and the carrying out of the narrative, appear plausible and not forced with the author's choice to use the present tense as though slow reading, particularly in the opening chapters, and do not penalize too much text.

Ravi Subramanian does not disappoint readers with the fast, smooth, and detailed engaging writing and full of twists with the short chapters, the rotation of the stories, passed by the vision of a character to another character makes the book fast and easy to read. The climax reflected the expectations of the entire book and is not just a thriller full of twists, intrigue and a case to solve, it stimulates the appetite and to see things from a different point of view.

The book is very enjoyable, with a way full of information on Bitcoins, the virtual money that would prompt you to do further research on it with the ending a bit wordy but overall a nice book.

The book captures right from the very first pages, with curiosity, that is thought-provoking, surprising, mesmerizing and never tires. The author uses this formula that is now known with the chapters stop just before the turn of events and change the subject in the next chapter to invite the reader to continue. The style is very simple and fluid, and the plot really good.

With a clever literary construction, the book captures in a moment, the reader's attention, catapulting in a sweeping path of intrigue, in diverse situations with the constructed situations so happens that are easy to find in everyday life, amidst reckless speculation, and events making the story extremely credible with, the final packaging of the text engaging and the reading will surely nail the read to the chair.

In conclusion, it is a good thriller with elements from the old style that we like so much and that is definitely a novel to be read.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 328 ♥ Publisher: Penguin ♥ Published: September 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-0143421399