Book Review: Fraudster: RV Raman

Set in Mumbai, Fraudster by RV Raman is a thriller of the highest level, which will not leave the reader indifferent. Fraudster is a novel that oozes indignation. All these feelings are poured into the player like a river in flood, shaking heavily from its slumber, making it helpless spectator of a disaster foretold.

The reader from the early chapters can get an idea of what is happening and as the story progresses is prepared to see what's coming. From the very beginning it is clear that Fraudster is a thriller of the highest level. Reading this book, as well as having demonstrated strong interesting and adrenaline, not so much for discoveries about the crimes committed, or for the resolution of the mystery, which have been discovered so strong, but that in a sense takes place gradually.

Usually mystery novels would require a greater dwell on the scene, but in this case the reader does not feel the lack of absolutely nothing. The events that take place within the story are so numerous that if the author had adopted a more phlegmatic approach it would take at least twice as many pages and this would have affected its fluidity. The book is in fact flowing and never boring.

The characters are well characterized, with a level not too detailed, but entirely suitable for the narrative rhythm that identifies the story. The factor that impressed the most is the concatenation of the thriller element in a totally indispensable manner, as if the crimes derive a chilling lifeline by the events that happened as an inescapable fate for the protagonist of the book and the characters that orbit.

The writing style of the author is fast especially given the genre of the book, but absolutely smooth. There are detailed descriptions too, but dosed with the right caliber. The narrative is also quite dynamic, in the sense that the events take place fast enough.

The title of the book is then bivalent in the sense that besides the presence of fraudsters in the story, there is also a hidden metaphor with the irrational behaviour of the people in the years of the rise. Despite the fictional story, the story and the events of the book is absolutely realistic, although in different circumstances and at different times. The author was able to tell everything yet seen from a new perspective, original and intense.

Recommended especially for lovers of thrillers, but even those who usually do not read them might find in this book an excellent diversion.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 289 ♥ Published: July 2014 ♥ Publisher: Hachette ♥ ISBN 13: 9789350098004 ♥ Language: English